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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Some things about Soka Gakkai that frustrate Soka Gakkai member by a Soka member

-Members are guilt-tripped into BSG shifts, contributions, meetings in general.

-Regular members don't get a voice within the upper levels of SGI, and their concerns and complaints aren't heard.

-Some consider SGI to be an Ikeda cult, numerous reasons include claiming that a number of Ikeda's doctorates were bought, provided sources that Makiguchi and Toda weren't initially against the war, until nuclear weapons were dropped. Also provided sources that when Toda was leading SGI at a time, were strictly against all religions. I can provide these sources if anyone wants.

-Constantly pestering members to attend meetings when they don't want to, including constantly calling, texting, and home visiting.

-False friendship. They feel a lot of leaders are very fake in their friendships, and speak especially friendly, only to end conversations with taking a BSG shift or offering home for meetings.

-Treating people as a number, like shakubuku quotas. This makes people seem insignificant and just another goal to achieve. People go rampant in trying to shakubuku, then when those people get their gohonzons, members completely forget about them.

Issues go beyond this, including conspiracies about Soka Gakkai laundering money, and all kinds of crazy things. Other than that, most complaints are about SGI being bad at religion.

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