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Saturday, September 21, 2019

The True Cause principle

SGI member: If this were a proper quote it would say "SGI has practiced with the Hon-nim Myo spirit".
Nichiren believer: You apparently know the SGI slang much better than I. 
SGI member: Which means the principle of True Cause. And yes, Gakkai members do tend to get it wrong but the doctrines (such as they are) are solid on this subject. 
Nichiren believer: The way Honinmyo is used in the SGI has nothing to do with the True Cause doctrine, let alone the actuality of True Cause. The way it is used in SGI is, "I have done wrong but it is not important because I will begin again from now." In a sense, it is not much different than a Catholic reciting 200 Hail Marys. It is provisional Mahayanic in nature because it is merely a correction of a specific behavior. Secondly, even if it did refer to True Cause (the Bodhisattva practice of the Eternal Buddha), SGI's view of the Law and the Buddha differs from the Lotus Sutra's and Nichiren's, so there is no actual True Cause in the Ikeda sect. Those who repeatedly slander the Law and the Buddha and who make the same mistakes over and over again can not be practicing the True Cause. 

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