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Saturday, September 28, 2019

They don't need to engage in no stinking debate!!

"I can't even get a long time friend, a very dear friend in fact, to *debate* even the doctrines of the SGI--.

She has practiced about 35 years-- is a WD Region Leader, who sent me a copy of "The Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra"-- vol. 5-- wanting to study *together* the Never Disparaging Chapter of the Lotus sutra-- as per Ikeda's guidance in print in this SGI study manual.

When I challenged Ikeda's *wisdom* she had to *end discussion with me*-- had to remind me that *my negativity* would only cause me more suffering and that I was turning down a golden opportunity to study with her, because she is caring for *new members*-- letting me make a cause that I cannot make because SGI Boston gave me the boot.

Debate is like a cross to a vampire with most SGI leaders-- Odd, that somehow, they believe Ikeda *took care of all that for them*-- have you ever heard of a more non-Buddhist attitude? 

They don't need to engage in no stinking debate!! 

I am still reeling from the shock----" -- Katie

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