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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Who is the Original Eternal Buddha?

"Grand Master Miao-le further explained, "Wise men know the cause of a phenomenon; a snake knows that it is a snake. Bodhisattva Maitreya does not know those great bodhisattvas coming from underground because he is a disciple of a temporal Buddha, while those great bodhisattvas are disciples of the Original Buddha." (Noppa, Kaimoku Sho, page 164) 

"Maitreya had never seen the bodhisattvas that appeared from underground to attend the Ceremony in Open Space with the Original Buddha Shakyamuni. After Maitreya questioned Shakya, he received the following answer: 

"Maitreya! It was I who taught and guided those great bodhisattvas whom you said you had never seen. After I attained perfect enlightenment in this world, I taught, guided, controlled them, and encouraged them to aspire for enlightenment.... I have taught and guided them since the eternal past." (P. 166) 

Nichiren, identified and revealed himself as Jogyo (the leader of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth). If all those bodhisattvas coming from underground were disciples of the Original Shakyamuni, then Jogyo too was a disciple of the Original Shakyamuni. Please note, "since the eternal past". If Shakya taught Jogyo since the eternal past, how could Nichiren be the Original Buddha that taught Shakya?? Yet, some sects still assert that Nichiren is the Original Buddha. -- author unknown

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