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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

*Bibliography for SGI's new paradigm: A satire

"Soka Gakkai has become a moderate religious organization promoting cooperation and dialogue with other world religions." * -- SGI's new paradigm

*Bibliography for SGI's new paradigm: 

1). Nichiren's Deathbed Writing, in which he reversed his earlier Four Dictums... "Nembutsu leads to Eagle Peak, Zen is the teachings of Enlightened masters, Shingon will save the nation, and Precept school is a great patriot of the nation." 
2). Establishing the Peace Through Interfaith Gosho 
3). "Shakyamuni Buddha and I, Nichiren, said that but meant this." -- from Nichiren's most important work, Nichiren's Secret Oral Teachings 
4). "Brahmanism is alright with me." -- from Saicho's On The Equality of All Teachings

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