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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

"Spiritual rape" -- former Bharat [India] Soka Gakkai member

BSG (Bharat Soka Gakkai), the Indian branch of SGI, had taken a target of 100000 youth division members in last November 2015. Their target date was November 2017. In spite of their various on going campaigns and forced agendas, they were less than 4000 in October 2017.  "Spiritual rape" -- former Bharat Soka Gakkai member

During the year of 2016, many youths sacrificed their time, energy, money to rope in their friends, family and even strangers in the name of creating a better world (or to bring more money to the BSG fund and to chant the name of Ikeda as the sole rescuer of humanity out of misery). In the name of changing the world many youths caused numerous problems to their families, in their workplace and almost had no social life outside the Gakkai.

At the same time the planning board (half or all of them receiving hefty salaries out of members own contribution) was devising more articulate plans to use these sincere members so that they can say to the world, we kept our promise to Ikeda Sensei.

These sincere (brainwashed) youths were toiling like dogs, day and night to rope in new youths. It was really pity to see so many educated, healthy and pure hearted youths being used as baits to satisfy the ego of one person, their so-called mentor Ikeda Sensei. Nothing is a bigger crime than this. India, being a spiritual country, people take religion very seriously and it is one of the core aspect their lives, unlike the western world. Indian are mostly God fearing people and chanting and prayers are very common to them. In mostly urban population youth going through economic hardships, relationship issues, work challenges and living Away from family look for a solace or a ray of hope in the fine sounding words of Soka Gakkai. Everyone buys the idea, while I’ll change, the world will change. They are not aware that they are only marketing Ikeda’s name and derailing themselves from a normal life. No one is getting anything out of it other than Ikeda or his paid workers.

Coming to the so called 100000 transformative youth campaign, on October 31st, 2017. Bsg software automatically increased its youth division membership from 97000 to 99000. Those who don’t know what a membership software is, it’s a database of all the members and shows the current membership on screen. Which almost each leader can see through a log in ID.

So all the members who have worked like dogs were duped, cheated and humiliated. The pity is they are still not aware of this fact.

So this is how Soka Gakkai is cheating, using and exploiting its members. This may be called spiritual mass murder or rape. This is what Soka Gakkai is. I honestly feel more and more youth from India will read it and take precautionary steps to save themselves from SGI’s trap.

Though the BSG has close to 200,000 memberships, hardly 20-30000 come to its regular meetings. God saves those people.

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