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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Profound Philosophy of the Koran by SGI Vice General Director Danny Nagashima with comment by R. Boyce

The following was stated by Danny Nagashima, SGI Vice General Director in the October 2001 "Living Buddhism", p. 5: r

"In any religion -- including ours -- there maybe individuals who come to power and do not act in accord with the teachings in which they claim to believe. In that case, they are functioning according to the evil in their own hearts. We must distinguish between that negative function of the human heart and THE PROFOUND PHILOSOPHY OF THE KORAN. History has shown that much evil has been committed in the name of religion. That evil does not originate from the teachings of any religion; it stems from the distorted minds of leaders who mislead people." (emphasis added).

R. Boyce replies: "So, according to Danny, all religions are good (if pressed, he would no doubt recognize an exception for Nichiren Shoshu), its only the people who are evil. This is a complete reversal of the Daishonin's actual teaching as reflected in the Rissho Ankoku Ron that the primary evil arises from incorrect religions and teachings which distort peoples' minds and leave them prostrate on the ground."

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