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Friday, January 31, 2020

Soka Gakkai is wrong about so many things

SGI is wrong about so many things

The entire thrust of the Rissho Ankoku Ron is that the Treasure of the Buddha is Shakyamuni and the Treasure of the Law is Myoho renge kyo (Lotus Sutra). 

Nichiren says in "Reply to Lady Nichinyo" also known as The True Aspect of the Gohonzon: "I for the first time reveal, as a banner of the spread of the Hokkekyo, the Great Mandala which even Nagarjuna, Vasubandhu, and so on, and Tendai, Myoraku, and so on did not reveal. This is not at all something which I, Nichiren made myself. It is the Object of Worship which is from the print block of the Great Muni, the World Honored One within the Stupa of Taho and the Separate-Body Buddhas."

Clearly, the Daishonin inscribed the Gohonzon as taught to him by the Great Muni. 

"Thus it was revealed that Shakyamuni had long been the Buddha since the eternal past, and it became clear that various Buddhas in other worlds were all manifestations of Shakyamuni Buddha..[ ] now, however, as Shakyamuni was proved to be the Eternal Buddha, those Buddhas in the Flower Garland Sutra, or Buddhas in the Hodo, Hannya, or Great Sun Buddha sutras all became subordinates of Shakyamuni Buddha." (Kaimoku Sho, p. 174, translated by Kyotsu Hori, 1987) 

Same quote in the MW's:

"When Shakyamuni Buddha revealed that he had gained enlightenment in the far distant past and had since then been constantly in the world, it became apparent that all the other Buddhas were emanations of Shakyamuni....but now it became apparent that Vairocana Buddha of the Kegon Sutra and various Buddhas of the Hodo, Hannya and Dainichi sutras are in fact all followers of Shakyamuni Buddha." (MW V.2, p.149) 

"But now since it has been revealed that Shakyamuni is the Eternal Buddha....etc."(Kaimoku Sho, translated by Kyotsu Hori) 

"...Shakyamuni Buddha, within our minds, is an ancient Buddha without beginning, manifesting Himself in three bodies, he attained Buddhahood n the eternal past......( Kanjin Honzon Sho, translated by Kyotsu Hori P.94) 

"...the Bodhisattvas (who sprang from underneath the ground), as described in the 15th chapter, are followers of the Original Buddha Shakaymuni who resides within our minds."(Ibid pg 94) 

"The "honzon" at the scene of this transmission of "Namu Myo Ho Renge Kyo" from the Eternal Buddha to His Original Disciples is....suspended in the sky above the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni's Saha-world is a stupa of treasures, in which Shakyamuni Buddha and Taho sit to the left and right of "Myo Ho Renge Kyo". (ibid. P.102) 

"Since Sakyamuni Buddha is eternal and all other Buddhas in the universe are His manifestations, then those great bodhisattvas converted by manifested Buddhas are also disciples of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha. If the "Life Span of the Buddha" chapter had not been expounded, it would be like the sky without the sun and moon, a country without a king, mountains and rivers without gems, or a man without a soul. (Noppa, pg. 176, Kaimoku Sho)" 

and from Kanjin Honzon-Sho (NOPPA) page 56 

"In fact Sakyamuni began to preach, planting the seed of Buddhahood in the eternal past... Sakyamuni Buddha continued to guide His disciples until they were all sure to attain Buddhahood during the preaching of the Lotus Sutra in His present life, completing the series of His preaching which began in the eternal past." 


"This means that Sakyamuni Buddha, Taho Buddha, and all the Buddhas in manifestation are in our minds, and that we, upholders of the Lotus Sutra, will follow in their steps and inherit all the merits of those Buddhas." 

"It means that Sakyamuni Buddha, within our minds, is an ancient Buddha without beginning, manifesting Himself in three bodies, and attaining Buddhahood in the eternal past described as 500 dust-particle kalpa ago. 

"In the same chapter, another passage reads: ‘The duration of My Life, which I obtained through the practice of the way of bodhisattvas, has not yet expired. It is twice as long as the length of time stated above: 500 dust-particle kalpa.’ This reveals the bodhisattva-realm within our minds. The bodhisattvas described in the fifteenth chapter, ‘Appearance of Bodhisattvas from Underground,’ who have sprung out of the great earth, as numerous as the number of dust-particles of 1,000 worlds, are followers of the Original Buddha Sakyamuni who resides within our minds."

Kanjin Honzon-Sho (NOPPA) page 94: 

"Now , when the Eternal Buddha was revealed in the essential section of the Lotus Sutra, this world of endurance (Saha-world) became the Eternal Pure Land, indestructible even by the three calamities of conflagration, flooding, and strong winds, which are said to destroy the world. It transcends the four periods of cosmic change: the kalpa of construction, continuance, destruction and emptiness. Sakyamuni Buddha, the Lord-preacher of this pure land, has never died in the past, nor will He be born in the future. He exists forever throughout the past present and future. All those who receive His guidance are one with this Eternal Buddha." 

"Nevertheless, the sects of Buddhism other than Tendai have gone astray concerning the true object of worship. The Kusha, Jojitsu, and Ritsu sects take as their object of worship the Shakyamuni buddha who elliminated illusions by practicing thirty-four kinds of spiritual purification. This is comparable to a situation in which the heir apparent of the supreme ruler of a state mistakenly believes himself to be the son of a commoner. The four sects of kegon, Shingon, Sanron, and hosso are all Mahayana schools of buddhism. among them the Hosso and Sanron sects worship a Buddha who is comparable to the Buddha in the superior -property-of-action aspect. This is like the heir of the supreme ruler supposing that his father was a member of the samurai class The Kegon and Shingon sects look down upon Shakyamuni buddha and declare that Mahavairochana or Dainichi buddha should be the true object of worship. This is like the heir looking down upon his own father, the supreme ruler, and paying honor to one who is not even related to him by blood simply because that person pretends to be the Dharma king.

The Jodo sect considers itself to be most closely related to the buddha Amida, who is an emanation of Shakyamuni, and rejects Shakyamuni himself. The Zen sect behaves like a person of low birth who makes much of his own achievments and despises his father and mother...."

Kaimoku Sho: 

The men of these sects who are ignorant of the teachings of the Juryo Chapter are similarly like beasts...." 

In the Nirvana Sutra, Bodhisattva Kasho posed thirty-six questions to the Buddha, but even these cannot compare to the question concerning the bodhisattvas who appeared from the earth. If the Buddha had failed to dispel the doubts concerning this matter, the sacred teachings of his entire lifetime would have amounted to no more than froth on the water, and the members of the multitude would have remained tangled in the snare of doubt. That was why is was so important for him to preach the Juryo chapter. 

Later, when the Buddha preached the Juryo chapter, he said: "All the human and heavenly beings and the ashuras at present believe that Shakyamuni Buddha, after leaving the palace of the Shakyas, sat in the place of meditation not far from the city of Gaya and there attained the supreme enlightenment." This passage expresses the view held by all the great bodhisattvas from the time when Shakyamuni first attaned enlightement until the preaching of the Anrakugyo chapter of the Lotus Sutra. 

"However, men of devout faith," the Buddha continued, "the time is limitless and boundless -- a hundred, thousand, ten thousand, hundred thousand, nayuta aeons since I in fact attained Buddhahood." 

Three places in the Kegon Sutra the Buddha said: "I have attained enlightenment for the first time in India." In the Agon sutras he speaks of having "for the first time attained enlightenment"; in the Vimalakirti Sutra he says, "For the first time the Buddha sat beneath the tree"; in the Daijuku Sutra, "It is sixteen years since the Buddha first attained enlightenment"; in the Dainichi Sutra, "Some years ago when I sat in the place of meditation"; in the Ninno Sutra, "twenty-nine years since my enlightenment"; in the Muryogi Sutra, "previously I went to the place of meditation"; and in the Hoben chapter of the Lotus Sutra, "when I first say in the place of meditation." But now all these passages have been exposed as gross falsehoods by this single pronouncement in the Juryo chapter. 

When Shakyamuni Buddha revealed that he had gained enlightment in the far distant past and had since then been constantly in the world, it became apparent that all the other Buddhas were emanations of Shakyamuni. When the Buddha preached the earlier sutras and the theoretical chapters of the Lotus Sutra, the other Buddhas present were pictured as practicing various religious austerities and disciplines side by side with Shakyamuni Buddha.

Therefore the people who pay devotion to one or another of these Buddhas as the object of worship customarily look down on Shakyamuni Buddha. But now it becomes apparent that Vairochana Buddha of the Kegon Sutra and the various Buddhas of the Hodo, Hannya and Dainichi sutras are all in fact followers of Shakyamuni Buddha. 

When Shakyamuni gained enlightenment at the age of thirty, he seized the saha world away from Bonten and the Devil of the Sixth Heaven, who had ruled it previously, and made it his own. In the earlier sutras and the theoretical of the Lotus Sutra, he called the regions of the ten directions "pure lands" and spoke of the present worlds as an "impure land." But now he has reversed this in the Juryo chapter, revealing that this world is the true land and the so-called pure lands of the ten directions are impure lands, mere provisional lands. [The Opening of the Eyes, MW Vol.2, pages 148-150]

"If Shakyamuni Buddha had actually attained enlightenment for the first time at the age of thirty, then when he preached the Lotus Sutra, Bonten, Taishaku, the gods of the sun and moon and the Four Heavenly Kings who have ruled the present world from countless ages in the past would have been disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha for no longer than a period of forty-some years.

During the eight years when he preached the Lotus Sutra, the beings who assembled to listen to him would have been unable to accept as their master a person who had so recently come to prominence and would have deferred instead to Bonten, Taishaku and the other deities who had from ages past been the lords of this world.

But now that it has become apparent that Shakyamuni attained enlightenment countless aeons ago, then the Bodhisattvas Nikkand o and Gakko, who att nd the Buddha Yakushi of the eastern region, the Bodhisattvas Kannon and Seishi, who attend the Buddha Amida of the western region, along with the disciples of all the Buddhas of the worlds of the ten direction and the great bodhisattvas who are disciples of the Buddha Dainichi as they are shown in the Dainichi and Kongocho sutras --- all of these beings are disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha. Since the various Buddhas themselves are emanations of Shakyamuni Buddha, it goes without saying that their disciples must be disciples of Shakyamuni. 

And of course the various deities of the sun, moon and stars, who have dwelt in this world from countless ages in the past, must likewise be disciples of Shakyamuni Buddha. [The Opening of the Eyes, MW Vol.2, pages 151-152]

From the Hoon Sho, Kempon Hokke Seiten: 

".... Japan and so on to the whole of Jambudvipa should uniformly take the Master of Teachings Lord Shakya of the Original doctrine as the Object of Worship". 

In the Kanjin-honzon-sho it says: 

"During the fifty years of his teaching from the time of his enlightenment under the Bodhi tree till his Parinirvana under the Salatree, the Buddha expounded many sutras. In these sutras he described a wide variety of pure lands, such as the Pure Land of Flower-Store, the Pure Land of Esoteric Adornment, the Pure Land of ThreeTransformations, the Pure Land of Peaceful Life, and the Pure Land of Emerald. These pure lands are either the abodes of the followers of the Lesser Vehicle, or of the partially-enlightened Bodhisattvas, or of the perfectly enlightened Bodisattvas.These pure lands are, however, impermanent. They are established on in the kalpa of composition. The expounder of these sutras is the historical Buddha, and the Buddhas of these pure lands are the manifestations of the historical Buddha.

Therefore, when the historical Buddha enters into Parinirvana, the Buddhas of these pure lands pass away, and their pure lands also disappear. But the Saha-World of the Original Buddha is the eternal pure land, free from the three calamities and the four kalpas. In this eternal world the Buddha never disappeared in the past, nor is to appear in the future. All living beings under him are one with him because they have the wisdom of the Buddha in their minds." 

"Having had doubts about the matter, I consulted the passages of the Lotus Sutra, and they reveal why this object of worship has never before appeared. The sutra clearly states that it should not be established before the predicted age of conflict in the Latter Day of the Law. 

Those Buddhist scholars and teachers who appeared in this world during the Former and Middle Days of the Law did not establish this object of worship because they honored the Buddha's prohibition. Had an object of worship of Lord Shakyamuni who attained enlightenment countless aeons before and his attendants ever been made during the Former and Middle Days, it would have been like the sun appearing at night or the moon shining by day Because Bodhisattva Jogyo will establish this object of worship in the first five hundred years of the Latter Day, those four ranks of scholars and teachers who appeared during the Former and Middle Days did not even describe it in words. 

Nagarjuna and Vasubandhu knew of it in their hearts but did not speak to others about it. The Great Teacher T'ien-t'ai Chih-che also knew of it, but, as he was bodhisattva of the theoretical teaching, though he taught it in part, he did not expound its true meaning. He taught it indistinctly, like the cry of a cuckoo which one hears just before waking from a dream. Other Buddhist teachers did not say so much as a single word about it. For at Eagle Peak, Shakyamuni Buddha strictly prohibited those scholars and teachers who were bodhisattvas of the theoretical teaching, and who would appear during the two thousand years of the Former and Middle Days, from disclosing even indirectly prior to the Latter Day anything about Lord Shakyamuni of the essential teaching who attained enlightenment in the remote past and the four Bodhisattvas of the Earth led by Jogyo who have accompanied him ever since."(Major Writings, Nichiren Daishonin, Volume 3, pages 293, 294, 295, Four Bodhisattvas.) 

Since SGI is wrong about such a crucial and obvious point what makes you think it is not mistaken about such doctrines as the role of shoju [peaceful practices] and shakabuku [forceful practices], transmission through a sole heir, the master-disciple relationship, actual proof, the role of priests etc. etc.?

Do you find it funny?

An SGI leader questions my sanity but in another comment he admits to being on seroquel and other psychoactives.

Civil War throughout the Gakkai realm

Congratulations to vice GD LSF, vice MD chief KPH, vice YMD chief HRS, and kaikan staff SCF for your happy CNY reunion with SKT and LKK!
SKT and LKK must be very touched by your support when many of his close associates have deserted him.
It is very obvious four of you do not care at all about Sensei’s repeated message, i.e. urging all of us to rally around GD and WD Chief for Malaysia kosen-rufu.
Don’t you know SKT and LKK were sacked due to their meeting with NBA and Nichiren Shu priests? As SGM national leaders and kaikan staff why did you meet up with traitors who collaborated with anti-gakkai groups?
It’s in the best interest of NBA’s Sympathisers and SKT’s Staunch Supporters to LEAVE VOLUNTARILY and IMMEDIATELY, be it he or she is an existing KAIKAN STAFF or currently assuming LEADERSHIP POSITION in the Gakkai.
At the early stage of Johor Incident in 2015, SGM leadership was supposed to meet up with a few RJ2 (Rescue Johor 2) representatives at Bunka Kaikan for a dialogue in order to resolve the Johor Incident issues. However, SKT and HCT led a LARGE GROUP of RJ2 (Rescue Johor 2) rebellious leaders to Bunka Kaikan, in an apparent show of force and tried to corner Exco into agreeing to their demands. During that time, SCF, a kaikan staff and close associate of SKT, without prior approval and knowledge of the Exco, facilitated those rebellious leaders with all the necessary AV facilities at Kinekan, for them to present the unfounded malicious allegations to some KL leaders.
Have you ever wondered how could RJ2 obtain so many email addresses and telephone numbers of the leaders and members and use them to send all the evil emails and messages? Coincidentally, SCF was the main kaikan staff that was in charge of SGM household records at that time. He had the access to all contact information of the leaders and members of whole SGM.
Till today, it is known to many people that SCF still stays loyal to SKT.
Quote from Gosho :
“Only the worms that are born from the body of the lion itself will feed on the lion’s flesh. In the same way, Ananda, the Buddha’s teachings cannot be destroyed by outside forces. But the evil monks who exist within the body of my teachings — they are the ones who will destroy these teachings that the Buddha has laboured over and worked to establish for a period of three great asamkhya kalpas.”
Just to clarify, we are not messing with someone’s rice bowl or deprive that person of his means of income. But, helping the concerned kaikan staff to understand in the highest professional and ethical standards that it’s in his best interest to leave voluntarily.
Thus, giving him the option of finding another role, that’s a better fit for his skill and expertise, giving him the opportunity to be more successful or happier, and stop making conditions so miserable for himself and disruptive to others!
There could be no compromise for Gakkai to eternally fight against evils, and we will continue to uphold the struggle of rebuking the evil and devilish forces of NBA and their supporters, the traitors of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism.
However, whoever the concerned kaikan staff and existing leaders who have made no secret of the fact that they continue the relentless “quiet” campaign and hidden” support for NBA, SKT, LKK, HCT, WWL to fiercely attack GD, our Central Leadership and Gakkai by using slanders, lies and all kinds of dirty tactics and false accusations, they are betraying Gakkai.
Please know that those who do not despise hypocrisy are hypocrites themselves. Those who betray the Gakkai are betraying Nichiren Daishonin. Those who betray the Soka Gakkai are betraying all the efforts, sacrifices made by the past two presidents and the present President of SGI as a whole!
An indisputable conclusion is that NBA leaders, SKT, LKK, HCT, WWL and their supporters are deluded traitors and they are enemies of Buddha.
Evil act of NBA, SKT, LKK, HCT, WWL and their supporters will drive people to hell.
Nichiren Daishonin said the source of all unhappiness and misfortunes of people is Evil (Slander of the Law). As such, we must fight resolutely against NBA and their supporters’ erroneous views and falsehoods that cause people to suffer.
For all intents and purposes, this request is nothing personal because by keeping or continue to retain this insubordination behaviour of such kaikan staff, NBA and SKT’s sympathisers and supporters  – it’s more like we’re living alongside with virus of evil thoughts and erroneous beliefs because we have no clue that some of our members or comrades may eventually get “infected”, thus disrupting and corrupting the very heart of our practice.
Strictly speaking, they owe everything they sow to responsible for everything they did.
It’s not unreasonable to suggest our Gakkai to immediately remove this problematic kaikan staff and those leaders who refuse to repent at all for their “sins” and “wrongdoings”, added with no slightest sense of remorseful apology but still continuously supporting and quietly conspiring with enemy to destroy the correct teaching as well as Gakkai towards misguiding people into suffering and misery.
Therefore, it should be perfectly clear that we are not nasty, neither we are cruel nor inhuman or lacking of compassion but we should not, we must not condone or tolerate wrongdoing or devilish forces in any form to continue or prolong, but are rather to condemn and rebuke it.
In all honesty and truthfulness, we’re again asking and reminding the concerned kaikan staff and those existing leader(s) who staunchly sympathise or continue to support NBA or SKT not to hide in your fake life, burying all the truth yet swimming in your own lies with evil intention to harm or disrupt the organisation and Kosen-rufu. Remember this, there is no room for you in Gakkai, please QUIT!
Sensei’s Guidance:
“Buddhist compassion entails fighting against traitors and ingrates. The Soka Gakkai is the most joyful and harmonious realm in the entire universe. We cannot permit devilish forces to destroy it. We must never let even one individual with evil intentions come anywhere near our noble organization!”

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Josei Toda, 2nd President of the Soka Gakkai was NOT Enlightened

“But, without any thought for my person or my life, I chant Namu-myoho renge-kyo.” — Nichiren Daishonin

“When I meet you, I don’t ask: “Are you keeping faith?” The reason is that I take your shakubuku for granted. What I really want to ask you is how your business is, whether you are making money, and if you are healthy. Only when all of you receive divine benefits do I feel happy. A person who says “I keep faith; I conduct shakubuku” when he is poor – I don’t consider him my pupil. Your faith has only one purpose: to improve your business and family life. Those who talk about “faith” and do not attend to their business are sacrilegious. Business is a service to the community. I will expel those of you who do nothing but shakubuku without engaging in business.” — Josei Toda


“How can we live happily in this world and enjoy life? If anyone says he enjoys life without being rich and even when he is sick – he is a liar. We’ve got to have money and physical vigor, and underneath all we need is life force. This we cannot get by theorizing or mere efforts as such. You can’t get it unless you worship a gohonzon…It may be irreverent to use this figure of speech, but a gohonzon is a machine that makes you happy. How to use this machine? You conduct five sittings of prayer in the morning and three sittings in the evening and shakubuku ten people. Let’s make money and build health and enjoy life to our hearts’ content before we die!” — Josei Toda

World Fibune March 1, 2014

Daisaku Ikeda Receives 359th Award from the Devries Online College 

World Fibune Hamtramck Michigan, 02/05/2014 
Adin Straus reporting

For his outstanding achievements in Home Economics [bringing millions home to Japan for himself and his Vice Presidents], the Devries College awarded Daisaku Ikeda with his 359th honorary degree and the key to their online community. Unfortunately, Sensei was not able to attend the ceremony which was held at the Devries Online Computer Center in the Detroit neighborhood of Hamtramck. Hiramasu Ikeda, however, was pleased to receive the award for his father. Hiramasu talked about the revitalization of Detroit Michigan thanks to his father’s ongoing dialogues with Reverend Al Sharpton. Hiramasu related to the members that, during the first of their historic meetings, Reverend Sharpton hailed the Yemeni immigrants, both legal and illegal, as the bedrock of this predominantly polish community. Reverend Sharpton also praised the new Mosque across from the Devries Computer Center and Sensei concurred adding, “this beautiful community of ethnic and religious diversity is the hope for all mankind.” Sensei also brought up one of Hamtramck’s native sons, Rodney Dangerfield stating, “I don’t get any respect from the real Nichiren Buddhists and he didn’t get any respect from anyone.” Everyone was in a joyous mood at this profound award ceremony. 

May Contribution Is Just Around the Corner 
World Fibune 02/07/2014
Jim Celer Midwest Bureau Chief and Illarraza Buku World Tribune Reporter Santa Monica Ca.

Many members have been asking if it is too early to contribute? Danny Nagashima, SGI-USA General Director, responded to this very question with a question of his own at the January 18th Headquarters leaders meeting, right after the Daisaku Ikeda video presentation: “Is it too early to gain benefit?”. He went on, ”It is never too early to contribute to the May Campaign and it is never to early to gain more benefits.” He related the story of Orlando Cepeda who, through a myriad of bad investments, was nearly broke until he met Sensei. Sensei told him how, he too was nearly broke until he bought the four Renoir paintings from the Louvre Museum in Paris to donate to the members. He ponied up his last four million dollars and he is now a billionaire. Immediately after returning to the states, Mr Cepeda donated his last ten thousand dollars and, the next day, he became the national spokesperson for Churches Fried Chicken. You must be wondering by now, when can members begin to contribute? The commemorative May 2014 contribution period is actually from today, February 7, 2014 until February 6, 2015. 

How can members contribute? 

Financial contributions can be made in the following three ways: 

• In person at your local SGI-USA culture or community center, by cash, check, money order or credit card; 

• By mail with a postage-paid business reply envelope from your local SGI-USA center using a check, money order or credit card; 

• On our Web site at by credit card. 

What if members have questions? If you have further contribution-related questions, please call the toll-free hotline at (866) 501-3220 (within the United States). Hotline representatives are available weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. PDT throughout the commemorative contribution period. Messages left after business hours will be returned during regular hotline hours. 

The Soka Gakkai International-USA is a religious, non profit organization and gifts to it WERE tax-deductible under the provisions of Internal Revenue Code Section501(c)(3) 

The fate of Adin Straus, Danny Nagashima, and all the national leaders of the Soka Gakkai

They will be bound by seven cords of iron and dragged by the two wardens of hell to the court of Yama, the lord of hell. While in hell, they will suspect that they had been brought before Yama because they had slandered the Lotus Sutra, and they then quickly will set aside all their songs in honor of Daisaku Ikeda, all their ill-gotten gains from the member's sincere donations, their Shingon type practice for material gain, and their tantric Guru Yoga, and instead they will chant the passage from the Lotus Sutra that begins, “Now this threefold world is all my [Shakyamuni Buddha’s] domain,”whereupon the cords that bound them will fall away and they will be returned to life.*

*The above modified from a passage in Repaying Debts of Gratitude.

Soka Gakkai "Mentor and Disciple" is too much for my sensibilities by Blue Lady

"I am SGI 

I have been a YWD Leader, WD District Leader, and now a Chapter WD Ldr. I have practiced for almost 45 years. I know Nichiren Shoshu Academy, Nichiren Shoshu of America, and now the SGI. I have marched in the fife and drum, been to at least 20 States for conventions, and I am too pooped to pop. 

The past 6 years plus have been hard for me to swallow. The whole Mentor and Disciple, now the ONENESS of Mentor and Disciple. It’s too much for my sensibilities anymore. I can only talk to 2 members about this whole idea of reaching enlightenment through the Mentor/Disciple relationship. That would mean the pioneers who came before us including my father would not have had the opportunity to reach enlightenment through this sort of new principal. 

Hell I always considered Pres Ikeda my master back when I was in youth division. I have been practicing since the late 60’s. However that was my choice, it was not printed in publications, spoke about daily, on Sundays etc. Now you have to accept it or ….. I don’t know what the or really is? 

Lately I have read The Autobiography of a Yogi, Fire in the Lotus, Old Path White Clouds, The Prophet Nichiren? Wake up to your life: Discovering the Buddhist path of Attention. The first 30 pages deal with picking your teacher. Very interesting… 

So I am at a crossroads in my leadership duties. What If what I believe is a lie? The practice of chanting and GONGYO and reading the Gosho are fine with me. --- It’s the body of Leaders in the SGI that concern me. The constant reference to each and every Gosho as the oneness of Mentor and Disciple. What does that really mean? I thought to myself. The constant steam cooker – me and my district leaders operate under. Some of them are not participating in leaders meetings – They don’t jump like they did when they first began their practice. The endless last minute meetings where you are expected to drop everything. I am constantly told “I am going home and going to bed” or “I can’t make all these meetings” 

We just had our May 3rd meeting it was FLAT nobody seemed to be enthusiastic about Rock the Era or none of what was going on stage. Clearly when it came to Pres Ikeda‘s video folks were flying out of the room to leave or go to the bathroom. 

I have told Region leaders I want to give up my Chapter position - I only signed on for 3 years and its now been 9. Before that I was a District Leader for 20 years. 

Guests come through the front door and leave out as members – in some cases never to be seen or heard of again. 

I have other reasons that I don’t want to talk about just yet. I am whipped and beat and tired. I want to retire like any other Manager who has been on the job for 42 years, collect my gold watch, and leave. 

I am funny if I think I can go out without a fight. 


From Reply to the Mother of Ueno… To reassure the lay nun Ueno that her son has attained Buddhahood, the Daishonin discusses the great benefit gained from embracing the Lotus Sutra, and asserts that a votary of the sutra will be protected by Shakyamuni, Many Treasures , and all the other Buddhas. 

Hmmp don’t see any mention of living the oneness of mentor and disciple. 

How many times in the Gosho did Nichiren emphasize that those who go against the Lotus Sutra suffer but those who continue to embrace it are Buddhas… Gee no mention here of the Oneness of Master and Disciple... oops they call it Mentor and Disciple now. 

Nichiren states of Shichiro Goro in the Gosho of the same name…. "At an early age, having not yet turned twenty, he began chanting Namu Myoho-renge-kyo and thus he became a Buddha. This is what the sutra means when it says: Then not a one will fail to attain Buddhahood.” 

Gee again no mention of this mentor and disciple relationship. It seems to be the relationship between us and the Lotus Sutra." -- Blue Lady

Lady Nichinyo's take on the Soka Gakkai

As much as everyone speaks about the S.G.I, that it only attracts those who are desperate and in dire circumstances, I did not match that criteria at the start of my practice. I realized that I was unusual when I first entered the organisation but I later understood, for my journey, it was necessary. I had a husband. my own home, two children and a job I wanted and not forgetting good health. I met someone who told me about it and they even said that chanting got rid of their kidney stones. I wasn’t very sympathetic, I just thought, I do not want to know, as it conjured up this image of him passing them while he was chanting. No, I decided to go to a meeting because my friend was having problems with her relationship and I thought it might help her. I can’t think why I thought that, as I was not particularly interested at the time.
Well I was blown away by the first meeting they started to talk about what I believed in, karma, cause and effect and reincarnation. So it was for that reason I joined immediately because I wanted to mix with what I thought were like minded people. As time went on I realized these philosophies were not really looked at. The emphasis was to chant and get benefits. Well looking back thats when my problems really started. Both my children joined because they saw a big change in me as I thought I had found the answer to the problems in this world.
Immediately things fell apart my husband was against the chanting so I had to become a closet Buddhist. I saw this as sansho shima and was able to work around this problem and only chanted when he was not at home.
If I experienced any difficulties it was my karma and I was expiating them. Better out then in as they use to say. I was made a leader pretty quickly and went on a big course to Japan called Tozo. You think this would have put me off when I gave a small contribution to the head temple of Nichiren Shoshu. This little priest pulled it out of the envelope and gave a sneer. I though at the time silly idiot and thought well it cost me enough to get here thats all your getting.
Then another time when I was on a course in Trets, a centre in the South of France. I had been put in charge of first aide. At the beginning of the course someone came to me saying they were having a miscarriage. I immediately went to the head leader of the course at that time, informing him that it would be best to send her to the nearest hospital. Well he decided she was probably exaggerating and it would not be necessary . I was livid and started to tell him she could be in danger and it would be better to be on the safe side and lets not let the ego get in the way. To be quite honest I thought he was going to hit me he looked so angry. Here I was trying to over step his authority as the course leader.I didn’t care I was right .In fact I think I said why make me in charge of the First Aide if you are not going to respect my judgement. It turns out later he said he took her to the hospital and everything was ok. He did not have the decency to ask me to come along. I felt he was more interested in his ego rather then doing the right thing. Of course, it could have been money as they would have had to pay for the hospital visit.
I didn’t leave because of peoples behavior but looking back I think I should have taken it more seriously especially when I heard someone was raped and they held a big meeting about it. The women should have gone to the police instead of it being discussed in the organisation. Looking back it was obvious that they wanted to keep things quiet. I realized now that they saw the organisation as more important then what was right or wrong. A dangerous place to be in for you sanity and you spiritual well being.
Also we were asked to volunteer to guard a building that had been bought as a new centre in England. We were expected through the day and late evening to do this. I suddenly dawned on me this was not at all common sense. What would I be able to do if someone came to burgle the place. The building was in a rather bad area in London which did not help matters. I spoke out about it and soon after they decided to employ proper security guards. Everything was all to save money. It eventually had a suspicious fire that led to it being sold and the larger building was purchased  and called Taplow court.
I do not have any animosity to S.G.I members because I have walked the walk and talked the talk but now I am beginning to realize that most people are really motivated by their emotions which come from deep within. So, trying to convince people putting forward incidents like these will not have any effect but others who are not really that deep in or those thinking of entering into the organisation, it may convince them.
It has all to do with needs which is where our emotions are based. In my case, it was wanting to be with like minded people A strong tendency in humans, is to be part of a herd and the safety of a tribe.
Because of my journey I have realized that the truth and staying true to yourself is more important then people agreeing with you. And if along the way you find certain aspects you have been mistaken about you can adjust them accordingly. Many people are hanging on to their ego of being right. To admit that they have devoted many years to an erroneous cult is too hard to face. Others feel that if they leave the cult they will lose their prestige of being a leader and their so-called friends. These needs will be fearfully guarded in order not to lose them.
What is disturbing about SGI is that it appears to meet some needs, especially if you are not too concerned about problems and deeply care about the future of the planet. For example, their false promise of a soon to achieve peaceful world (Kosen Rufu)*.
Most people, however, are quite selfish. They enter SGI because they want to get personal benefits and achievements. This blinds them to the truth. The Lotus sutra stresses that we should become detached from our desires whenever possible, save for the desire to follow and revere the Lotus Sutra. That way one will always be working for the truth, the good of the planet, and ourselves. Soka Gakkai urges you to put the organisation first which is not the Law. If we do not put the Law first, there will always be something other than the Law which SGI uses as a carrot.
I believes the SGI is losing its power precisely because it fails to revere the true teachings while stupidly following the New Age babble of President Ikeda. Their so-called benefits are benefits in name only. They are not the benefits of the Lotus Sutra and Eternal Buddha. Hence, we are starting to see long term members giving up. The false reasons you joined SGI will be the very reasons you will leave. The bottom line, your needs as a Bodhisattva and Buddha to be have not been met. If you do not put the truth of Buddhism above your selfish needs you will be a slave to them and therefore, blind to the truth.

*Actually, Kosen Rufu means widepread propagation of the Lotus Sutra amd what SGI propagates is not the Lotus Sutra but Ikedaism.

I’m so much better and happier since I left SGI UK 1 year ago

To see a most interesting letter from sincere members with more than a hundred questions for the national leaderships:
Dozens of members were involved in formulating these questions. They were never addressed. Many of these sincere members quit the Gakkai.

There is NO dialogue nor debate with Soka Gakkai members

To Soka Gakkai members the Lotus Sutra and writings of Nichiren are "laughable nonsense, do not contact me again" - Soka Gakkai leader just yesterday. 

They can not discuss the teachings the Lotus Sutra nor writings of Nichiren because they study the Human Revolution and New Human Revolution novels by Daisaku Ikeda and his ghost-writers. They call these novels, "the Lotus Sutra of the modern age" (or Gosho of the modern age). They are not much different than the Scientologists who study Ron Hubbard's Dianetics instead of authoratative religious texts.

Nichiren on Debate

"You must not allow the towering pride of your present lifetime to plant the seeds of deluded wandering for endless kalpas to come. Let us make all haste to appeal to the authorities, make haste to meet face-to-face before them, and to put an end to these erroneous views!"

"The situation was similar in China. After Mātanga had introduced Buddhism to China, he held a debate with the Taoists. When the Taoists were defeated in debate, then for the first time there were people who put their faith in Buddhism, though there were many more who did not."

"In Japan, the Great Teacher Dengyō defeated in debate the leaders of the six schools and became the country’s first and foremost great teacher, Great Teacher Kompon."

"Eight hundred years after the beginning of the Middle Day of the Law, in the reign of the fiftieth sovereign, Emperor Kammu (r. 781–806), there appeared a young priest without reputation named Saichō, who was later to be known as the Great Teacher Dengyō. At first he studied the doctrines of the six schools—Three Treatises, Dharma Characteristics, Flower Garland, Dharma Analysis Treasury, Establishment of Truth, and Precepts—as well as the Zen teaching, under the Administrator of Priests Gyōhyō and others. Later he founded a temple called Kokushō-ji, which in time came to be known as Mount Hiei. There he pored over the sutras and treatises of the six schools, as well as the commentaries written by their leaders. But he found that these commentaries often contradicted the sutras and treatises upon which these schools relied and were replete with one-sided opinions. It became apparent to him that if people were to accept such teachings they would all fall into the evil paths of existence. In addition, though the leaders of each of the different schools proclaimed that they had understood the true meaning of the Lotus Sutra and praised their own particular interpretation, none of them had in fact understood its teachings correctly. Saichō felt that if he were to state this opinion openly it would surely lead to quarrels and disputes. But if he remained silent, he would be going against the spirit of the Buddha’s vow.52 He agonized over what course to take, but in the end, fearful of violating the Buddha’s admonition, made known his views to Emperor Kammu.

Emperor Kammu, startled at his declaration, summoned the leading authorities of the six schools to engage in debate. At first these scholars in their pride were similar to banners raised aloft like mountains, and their evil minds worked like poisonous snakes, but in the end they were forced to bow in defeat in the presence of the ruler, and each and every person of the six schools and the seven major temples of Nara acknowledged himself a disciple of Saichō.

It was like that earlier occasion when the Buddhist scholars of northern and southern China gathered in the palace of the Ch’en dynasty and, having been bested in debate by the Great Teacher T’ien-t’ai, became his disciples. But [of the three types of learning] T’ien-t’ai had employed only perfect meditation and perfect wisdom. The Great Teacher Dengyō, by contrast, attacked the Hinayana specific ordination for administering the precepts, which T’ien-t’ai had failed to controvert, and administered the Mahayana specific ordination described in the Brahmā Net Sutra to eight eminent priests of the six schools. In addition, he established on Mount Hiei a specific ordination platform for administering the precepts of the perfect and immediate enlightenment of the Lotus Sutra. Thus the specific ordination in the precepts of perfect and immediate enlightenment at Enryaku-ji on Mount Hiei was not only the foremost ordination ceremony in Japan, but a great ordination in the precepts of Eagle Peak such as had never been known either in India or China or anywhere else in Jambudvīpa during the eighteen hundred or more years since the Buddha’s passing. This ceremony of ordination had its beginning in Japan.

If we examine the merit achieved by the Great Teacher Dengyō, we would have to say that he is a sage who surpasses Nāgārjuna and Vasubandhu and who excels both T’ien-t’ai and Miao-lo. If so, then what priest in Japan today could turn his back on the perfect precepts of the Great Teacher Dengyō, whether he belongs to Tō-ji, Onjō-ji, or the seven major temples of Nara, or whether he is a follower of one of the eight schools or of the Pure Land, Zen, or Precepts school in whatever corner of the land? The priests of the nine regions of China became the disciples of the Great Teacher T’ien-t’ai with respect to the perfect meditation and perfect wisdom that he taught. But since no ordination platform for universally administering the precepts of perfect and immediate enlightenment was ever established in China, some of them might not have become his disciples with regard to the precepts. In Japan, however, [because Dengyō in fact established such an ordination platform] any priests who fail to become disciples of the Great Teacher Dengyō can only be regarded as non-Buddhists and men of evil.

As to the question of which of the two newer schools brought from China is superior, the Tendai or the True Word, the Great Teacher Dengyō was perfectly clear in his mind. But he did not demonstrate which was superior in public debate, as he had done previously with regard to the relative merit of the Tendai school in comparison to the six older schools. Perhaps on that account, after the passing of the Great Teacher Dengyō, Tō-ji, the seven major temples of Nara, Onjō-ji, and other temples throughout the provinces of Japan all began proclaiming that the True Word school is superior to the Tendai school, until everyone from the ruler on down to the common people believed that such was the case.

Thus the true spirit of the Tendai Lotus school really flourished only during the lifetime of the Great Teacher Dengyō. Dengyō lived at the end of the Middle Day of the Law, during the period described in the Great Collection Sutra as the age of building temples and stupas. The time had not yet arrived when, as the Great Collection Sutra says, “Quarrels and disputes will arise among the adherents to my teachings, and the pure Law will become obscured and lost.”

"Is any single great matter to be found in the other sutras? The Lotus Sutra contains twenty outstanding principles. Among those twenty, the most vital is the “Life Span” chapter’s revelation that the Buddha first attained enlightenment numberless major world system dust particle kalpas ago. People may well wonder what this revelation means. Explain that it teaches that common people like ourselves, who have been submerged in the sufferings of birth and death since time without beginning and who never so much as dreamed of reaching the shore of enlightenment, become the Thus Come Ones who are originally enlightened and endowed with the three bodies. That is, it reveals the ultimate principle of three thousand realms in a single moment of life. From this perspective, you should firmly establish that the Lotus Sutra is the most profound among all the Buddha’s teachings.

You may bring forth this point in an official debate, but not during personal discussions. Should you indiscriminately mention it to whomever you meet, on any occasion or at any time, you will certainly incur punishment from the Buddhas of the three existences. This is the doctrine that I have always referred to as my own inner realization."

SGI indiscriminately mentions it to everyone against Nichiren's mandate. And just like the True Word priests, when they realized they had no chance to defeat Nichiren in debate, avoided Nichiren at all costs:

"As for my teachings, regard those before my exile to the province of Sado as equivalent to the Buddha’s pre-Lotus Sutra teachings. I had thought that, if the ruler of this country desired to govern well, he would summon the priests of the True Word school for an open debate with me, and that on that occasion I would reveal a matter of truly supreme importance. Before my exile, I withheld this even from my disciples for fear that if I should tell them, even in confidence, they might inadvertently disclose it to the True Word priests, who would then avoid the debate. This is why I refrained from revealing it to each one of you as well."

"At this time there was a humble monk called the Scholar Bhadraruchi who declared that the Brahman should be corrected, but neither the ruler and high ministers nor the common people would listen to such a suggestion. In the end, the Brahman charged his disciples and lay supporters to go about spreading countless falsehoods and abusing and beating Bhadraruchi. But Bhadraruchi, disregarding the danger to his life, continued to denounce the Brahman until the ruler, coming to hate Bhadraruchi, arranged for him to debate with the Brahman in hopes of silencing him. Contrary to his expectations, however, the Brahman was the one defeated in the debate.

The king looked up to heaven, then threw himself upon the ground lamenting, and said, “I have been privileged to hear your words on this matter firsthand and to free myself from my erroneous views. But my father, the former king, was completely deceived by this man and by now has probably fallen into the Avīchi hell!” So saying, he clung to the knees of the Scholar Bhadraruchi and wept in sorrow.

At Bhadraruchi’s suggestion, the Brahman was placed on the back of a donkey so that he might be led in disgrace throughout India and shown to all. But the evil in his heart only grew stronger than ever, and in his living form he fell into the hell of incessant suffering. Was he any different from the followers of the True Word and Zen schools in the world today?"

"I have no further details to add, so you may surmise what really happened. How could a person who believes in the Lotus Sutra and aspires to the Buddha way possibly contemplate misbehavior or deliberately use foul language when the Buddhist teaching is being expounded? However, I leave this to your judgment.

Having declared myself to be a follower of the Sage Nichiren, I returned home and reported to you exactly what had happened during the debate. Moreover, no one was present on that occasion whom I did not know. What you heard must have been the fabrication of those who harbor jealousy against me. If you quickly summon them to face me in your presence, the truth of the matter will be brought to light."

"In China, in the time of the Ch’en emperor [Shu-pao], the Great Teacher T’ien-t’ai defeated in debate the Buddhist leaders of northern and southern China, and was honored with the title of Great Teacher while still alive. As Dengyō says of him, he was “far above the crowd; in all of China, he stood alone.”

"I have heard that, when the priest Ryōkan knew I was far away in a distant province, he told everyone how he wished I would hasten to Kamakura so that he might debate with me and dispel the people’s doubts. Demand to know if praising oneself and disparaging others in this fashion is one of the precepts his school practices. What is more, when I actually did return to Kamakura, Ryōkan shut his gates and forbade anyone to enter. At times, he even feigned illness, saying that he had caught a cold. Tell him, “I am not Nichiren but merely one of his disciples. Though I speak with a bit of an accent and am rather dull-witted, I fully agree with his assertion that the Precepts school is traitorous.” When in public debate, although the teachings that you advocate are perfectly consistent with the truth, you should never on that account be impolite or abusive, or display a conceited attitude. Such conduct would be disgraceful. Order your thoughts, words, and actions carefully, and be prudent when you meet with others in debate."

"This priest informed me of private reports from various people that there are likely to be doctrinal debates with the other schools in the near future. I have therefore been sending people to a number of temples in the different provinces in order to search out sutras and treatises from all over the country. I had sent this priest on such a mission to the province of Suruga, and he has just now returned, [so I am sending him with this letter]."

When the disciples of those three great teachers [Kōbō, Jikaku, and Chishō] slander the Lotus Sutra, is it simply because the minds of you gods of the sun and moon have taken possession of them and are causing them to commit slander? Or if that is not the case and I myself am at fault, then you, the god of the sun, must show me so! Let those disciples be summoned to debate with me, and if I am bested in the argument and yet refuse to change my views, then you gods may take away my life!

"When the Buddhist scriptures were first brought to China from India, some people said that they should be accepted, while others said they should be rejected. A conflict arose, and the ruler summoned the two groups to meet and debate the issue. The adherents of non-Buddhist teachings were defeated by the supporters of Buddhism. After that, whenever the two groups engaged in polemics, the devotees of non-Buddhist scriptures were defeated by the Buddhists as easily as ice melts in the sun, or as fire is extinguished by water. Eventually they ceased to offer any effective opposition to Buddhism."

"It is now over two hundred years since the Latter Day of the Law began. The Buddha predicted that conditions would be much worse after his passing, and we see the portents of this in the quarrels and wranglings that go on today because unreasonable doctrines are prevalent. And as proof of the fact that we are living in a muddied age, I was not summoned for a doctrinal debate with my opponents, but instead I was sent into exile and my very life imperiled."

The entire Letter of Petition from Yorimoto talks about a particular debate in which Shijo Kingo was present.

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Nichiren Daishonin perfectly describes the Soka Gakkai

“…Then, as laymen, they work to destroy the teachings of Buddhism. Men of this kind steal and usurp the correct teachings of Buddhism and use them to supplement and bolster the erroneous writings…” — Opening of the Eyes

Soka Gakkai steals and usurps the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra to destroy the Secret Law of the Object of Worship, the concept of Eternal Buddha, the doctrine of the exclusive faith and practice of the Lotus Sutra, the doctrine of the transmission, and the meaning and significance of attaining Buddhahood in this very body. They utilize the writings in a selective and arbitrary manner and highlight the disputed texts such as the forged and insignificant Ongi Kuden to supplement and bolster the erroneous teachings of Human Revolution, Lotus Sutra interfaith, SGI Oneness of Mentor and Disciple, and seeking guidance [control]. They [Daisaku Ikeda and his high paid lieutenants] also steal and usurp Namu Myoho renge kyo to enrich themselves.

Many SGI leaders are miserable, exhausted, and overstressed

"What I object to is how SGI is constantly glorifying this workaholic, go-go-go overscheduled lifestyle. Linda Johnson, for example, gave a speech about how she has this very busy job as a prosecutor, going to court herself and supervising other lawyers -- and then she also has two demanding positions in SGI. If that's what she wants to do, fine, that's her choice. What I dislike is that this is held up as an example to the rest of us -- we should be doing the same. Well, I don't want to! I would like to have a personal life, time for hobbies and friends, time to stop and smell the roses! When I tried to explain this to my leaders, their attitude was that I was being selfish and lazy, content with a narrow little life. 

Nonsense! I work quite hard at my job and at home -- but I also consider it important to have balance in my life. I have seen many SGI leaders who are miserable, exhausted, and overstressed -- and their families suffer too from their overinvolvement with SGI. Even if I loved SGI, that's not for me. It's not a healthy way to live." -- Tsukimoto

Nichiren too realized this:

"But for your person as a householder the essence is for you to chant 'Namu Myoho renge kyo' with no other thought and also make offerings to the monks. And also, if it is in accord with the sutra text, one should also 'expound it according to one's strength,' shouldn't one?" [Reply to Lord Matsuno] 

The key here, I think, is "according to one's strength". It doesn't read, "according to the strength of another". SGI changes Nichiren's teachings for their self serving ends. They are not "Nichiren Buddhists", least of all "The One True Nichiren Sect". Shameful. SGI is a bizarre parody of Buddhism.