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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pinocchio Lives

How appropriate, SGI tricolors, red, yellow, and blue!!!
"There are no videos or documents proving that anyone worships president Ikeda" -- SGI leader


  1. however, there is the reality. due to continuous slander of the buddhas dharma, the sgi members have lost contact with reality.

    one time about 5 years ago i had a conversation with a longtime sgi middle level senior leader. she said to me " we don't follow pres ikeda he is just a great example". my reply was, yeah right, NEXT!

  2. Pretty Cute. I heard Slash one time in an interview, when asked how he motored along with his alcohol problems and drugs before he really clean up and he replied, Denial goes a long way when it is convenient, and then even when it is no longer convenient. SGI people don't even stop to realize how ham stringed their minds have gotten just through simple agreement with SGI culture, day by day.

  3. i just saw this. great comment apollo. slash; since he is out of denial about his problem can see the truth. good for him. the sgi, since they are in full denial cannot see the truth. this is the difference between correct and incorrect thinking.

    my last tour with the sgi was in 06 and o7. many things caused me to , for good, leave the sgi. one thing was that they just did not teach or live buddhism in anyway shape or form. however, what worried and scared me the most was the leaders and members condition of denial. i got a face full of what happens to people who stay with the sgi for too long. the poison has penetrated deeply.

  4. One must consider mercy, I would assert, when it comes to these people who insist on absolute hero-worship, or personality - worship, or whatever it's called.....I guess Mr. Ikeda could benefit, and learn, which some teachers still do, by sincerely attempting to converse/dialog with some former, disen-'chanted' sgi members who recall the pre-mentor/disciple days, when it was perfectly o.k. to simply chant for your happiness and whatever you happened to want....if one joined via the dual [duel?] nsa/priesthood, in the 60's or 70's....then weighing the karmic debt may be appropriate...the nsa/nst intentions must have been worthy at the time, an expression, somehow, of the boddhisatva ethic.......... that provable debt might be leveled, possibly, by simply talking with these volatile groups, in order to heal and diminish the toxic punching and jabbing, which harmfully delays and perhaps destroys the good work of peace and justice.............gakkai, priests, ordinary joes, etc. share exactly the same Buddhist plain, if you will.........take up the Ikeda-advertised, way of the word, aka dialog, to mercifully explode the hatfield/mc coy, pain-ridden stale-mate, or splinter-sectarianism, familiar to the Nichiren era, in the deep, winding Japanese past ....that was the preferred cours of Nichiren, ....compassionately trying to intelligently influence his heretically wicked them on to the path of goodness, using the refined tool of mercy/jihi, often, rather than shrill lambasting and screaming...........Gandhi coined this tact, 'satya/graha' or soul/force....which is forgiveness and love....''may the soul-force be with you''....big, fat, dubious bureaucratic, religions routinely, and viciously, corrupt their elite ''authorities''...within the constant theme of, ''absolute power corrupts absolutely'' could argue that nothing is more rotten, on god's green earth than an organized, spiritually bankrupt 'religion.....anyone with a smattering of brain cells can see this if they review the checkered, but mostly dark trajectory of Catholicism, and the other big corporate=like religions, like sunni/shia Islam, which cannot stop murdering each other, etc.

  5. Ikeda himself made it clear that the Soka Gakkai members were worshiping him:

    "On being told that some believers regard him as a divine figure, Ikeda answered,

    I am very touched at their respect, but they go too far. It would be dreadful if such a misconception should spread among the members...

    Can a person such as I ... be thought of as a living god or a Buddha-incarnation? It is sheer nonsense! ... If there should be a man who folds his hands to me in worship, MY FACE WILL SURELY BECOME DEFORMED.

    If a man should over-respect the president ... the Sokagakkai would be degraded to the level of the heretical sects."

    Oooh buuuuurn....