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Saturday, December 15, 2012

"Gakkai members have overcome one obstacle after another and attained Supreme and Perfect Enlightenment in this very life." -- SGI leader

Which ones, those who were run over by snow plows, those whose skulls were crushed in accidents, those who were murdered, or those many leaders whose sons and daughters experienced untoward deaths? Certainly not my friends Nat Dames and Dewitt Johnson and certainly not Shin Yatomi, David Kasahara, Guy McCloskey, or Daisaku Ikeda . Events such as those that you claim (attaining Enlightenment in one's present form) must have documented dates and times according to Nichiren Daishonin and in this modern day, unretouched photographs. Toda looked like death warmed over for months before he died and you expect us to believe that he was bright and rosy the moment of his death and for many hours thereafter? I too have heard talk about cherry treees blooming out of season but where is the independent documentation? There is none. SGI leaders and members can not even cross a moat a few feet wide but you would have us believe that you can cross the great ocean of life and death. How absurd!

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