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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A million Daimoku is a million Daimoku [Edited from Maltz]

"Mounting this jeweled vehicle, they directly arrive at the place of enlightenment." 

(Lotus Sutra, Chapter 3, verse section) 

"The jewels of this jeweled vehicle are the seven precious substances 
which adorn the great cart. The seven jewels are precisely the seven 
orifices in one's head, and these seven orifices are precisely the 
[seven characters] na-mu-myo-ho-ren-ge-kyo, the essential Dharma for 
the Final Dharma Age. For us, living beings, the five characters of 
the daimoku will become a boat at the river of the three crossings ; 
they will remove the cold in the crimson-lotus hell. In the hell of 
burning heat, they will become a cool breeze, and on the mountains of 
death, they will become lotus blossoms. When we are thirsty, they will 
become water, and when we are hungry, they will become food. When we 
are naked, they will become a robe. They will become a wife, a child, 
retainers, a clan--benefitting all living beings by conferring their 
inexhaustible responsive workings. This is the meaning of "directly 
arriving at the place of enlightenment."  Accordingly, the fact that 
one dwells nowhere else but in the Land of Tranquil Light is called 
"directly arriving at the place of enlightenment."  You should fix 
your mind on the word "directly" and ponder it."      [STN3:2563-64] 
(Excerpt of the "Onko Kikigaki" , transcribed by Niko) 

Nichiren Daishonin, our founder and teacher, says our Daimoku in the 
later age becomes a boat, water, breeze, etc. Let no one tell you that 
chanting Daimoku in the later day has no power to grant our needs. Our
purpose in life is notare not to become martyrs, we are in Kempon Hokke
Kai to spread the dharma and show the blessings of Buddha to the 
entire world! In Eugene, Oregon, Bonnie Bennett asked Rev. Kubota how 
to chant, and he told her to "think of Buddha as your Father, and 
chant with a sincere seeking mind. You can chant for anything you 

From chapt. 23 of the Lotus Sutra 

"This Sutra is that which can save all the living; this sutra can 
deliver all the living from pains 
and sufferings; this sutra is able greatly to benefit all the living 
and fulfill their desires." 
"It is able to deliver all the living from all sufferings and all 
diseases, and is able to unloose all 
the bonds of mortal life." 
"In the last five hundred years after my extinction, proclaim and 
spread it abroad in Jumbudvipa, 
lest it be lost and Mara the Evil [One], his Mara-people, gods, 
dragons, yakshas, kumbhandas, 
and others gain their opportunity." 

The Lotus Sutra stands alone according to the words of Shakyamuni 
and Nichiren. 

We should pay the greatest of respect for anyone who can sit down and 
chant the daimoku, even if that person must fight restless thoughts, 
impure desires, or an undisciplined mind!  The idea that "one sincere 
daimoku is worth a million insincere daimoku" is another example of 
"beasts wearing the skin of a humans" who try to discourage others 
from chanting.  They use their own viewpoint that the "state of mind" 
is somehow what determines the effectiveness of the chanting.  No
human being is in a position to judge such a thing, it's beyond our 
abilities.  We say that the act of chanting is proof enough of a "mind of 
faith".  For anyone who has chanted abundantly, they know what  a hard 
task it is, and how easily the mind wanders.  It is not possible to maintain 
an ideal condition of unwavering sincerity, with our defiled minds in the 
polluted age of Mappo.  Common people cannot act like saints, nor 
should they feel that their chanting is ineffective, simply because they 
doubt their "state of mind".  As the Nike commercial says, "Just do it!"  
The fact that a person even wants to chant, be it sincere or not, is the 
rarest thing for our time period.  So, for those who say, "A million daimoku, 
chanted mechanically, is not worth anything!", we answer, "A million 
daimoku is a million daimoku!" (Actually, a million daimoku is a very 
difficult thing to accomplish, so the statement about "mechanical 
chanting" does not even make sense!) If anyone claims that they have 
the knowledge to judge whether daimoku is sincere or not, they are 
acting as a demon who "claims to attain something that they haven't 

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