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Sunday, January 27, 2013

SHOCKING!!! [not really]

Rev. Sato has been famous with his opinion that Minobu Nichirenshu should
affiliate Nichiren Shoshu Taisekiji under its umbrella. He contributed an article to 
"FUKYOSHI-KAIHO" (Newsletter for Preaching Instructors) on March 31, 1997
as the Chief Preaching Instructor of Yamanashi Prefecture #1 region. He wrote: 

"Since Nichiren Shoshu is suffering from the lack of Danto believers, we should
invite them to join our believer’s unions." "When I was in charge of Kuonji worshipping 
division, about 50 students of Rissho University (they are from Taisekiji) had visited
Kuonji and received the GOKAIHI (worshipping the main Gohonzon). We should take
this as a sign for the future movement." 

Rev. Sato’s article in GENDAI BUKKYO (Modern Buddhism; July 1995) was titled,
"Stubborn Taisekiji which had never opened its door to other sects is now showing 
flexibility." (see illustration below) 

Rev. Sato proposed, "Up todate, Taisekiji was stubborn and never opened to other
sects. Now, Taisekiji invited us to visit inside and outside of various temple buildings.
We have to catch this change and evaluate highly their new attitude. I believe this is the 
best opportunity to create the atmosphere and unity that we are all disciples of Nichiren
Shonin, and invite Taisekiji to join us." 

In essence, Minobu Nichirenshu wants to bring Taisekiji under its umbrella. Yamazaki,
who has no faith and is only interested in money and power, is acting as the envoy 
for High Priest Nikken. Interestingly enough, Nikken has also no faith and is interested
in only money and power. The combination of Nikken and Yamazaki is surely destroying
Nichiren Shoshu. Source: Soka Shimpo November 17, 1997 


No surprise. Several billion dollars goes a long way to buying respectability. Look at the vendors at Minobu who sell t-shirts with printed Gohonzons for thirty dollars a pop. For several billion dollars, Nichiren Shu will surely accept the selling of a wooden plank with a Gohonzon scratched on it.

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