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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Nichiren on his teacher Dozenbo

"The late Dozen-bo treated me as one of his favorite disciples, so I cannot believe that he bore any hatred toward me. But he was a timid man, and he could never bring himself to give up his position at the temple where he lived, Seicho-ji. Moreover, he was fearful of what Kagenobu, the steward of the region, might do if he gave ear to my teachings. And at Seicho-ji he had to live in the midst of priests like Enchi and Jitsujo, who were as evil as Devadatta or Kokalika, and to put up with their intimidations, so that he became more fearful than ever. As a result, he turned a deaf ear to the longtime disciples he was fondest of. I wonder what will become of such a man in the next life."

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