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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Soka Gakkai owned or affiliated companies

Soka Gakkai OWNED companies;

Mainichi Shinbun,
Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS),
Seven & Holdings (formerly Seven Eleven)
Hito Communications
Benesse (including Berlitz).

The following companies and corporations were found to have direct links to Sōka Gakkai; essentially under their control:

Japan Railways (JR),
Doutour Coffee,
Don Quijote,
Comme ça du mode,
100 yen shop DAISO,
Nippon Ham,
SECOM Security,
Bikkuri Donki (hambag restaurant).
16 days ago
This time, we will deliver a corporate list of Soka Gakkai(SGI)-affiliated.

Soka Gakkai Affiliated Company List

★HUSER:Human User Company(80 percent of the employee seems to have been published in the advertisement of the Seikyou newspaper by the Soka society member. The believer also is considerably buying. )
★Sekisui house
★ITO EN, LTD.(The diamond magazine also refers famously in Soka Gakkai-affiliated. Vending machines set up in facilities related to Soka Gakkai are all Ito-En. )
★Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd.(Soka Gakkai seems to own, and there to be a lot of people related to Soka Gakkai also in the Yakult lady as for Jingu Stadium on the base ground of the baseball team. However, itself the player of the baseball team is irrelevant. A lot in optimism (former Kintetsu) and Nippon Ham if it is a baseball team. )
★BOOK OFF(It is famous that the relation is deep. here Soka Gakkai is strong in the antique handling relation. )
★TSUTAYA, CCC, Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.(Invest aggressively in an BOOK OFF. )
★UNIQLO Co., Ltd. (Alias Fast Retailing. Here is also famous, and TSUTAYA and an BOOK OFF, etc. are variously coordinated each other. )
★H.I.S. Co., Ltd.(Actually, become the supporting company of the performance of WAHAHA-Hompo of Soka Gakkai-affiliated) HIS is maxim for the complaint of HIS , saying that yakuza tone and "It is not had a mind to be going to change correspondence completely in the future".
★Club tourism(Travel agency: The seventh place finding employment Soka University ahead of 2004 The mark of the company is near Soka Gakkai's, and is also doubtful. )
★Kinki Nippon Tourist Co.,Ltd., Kintetsu International Express Inc.(the third place finding employment Soka University ahead of 2004)
★Watami Ltd. that manages nursing, Ayacan'yume educational institution Ayacan junior high school, Ayacan high school, and Ayacan global high school etc. of house and T.G.I.Friday 's and house and Watamiecoroga Watamifarm Watami of Watami, harmony the people, sitting harmony people (Zawatami), seafood conduct oneself harmony people market, harmony seeing Tei, Gohan, and(the fifth place finding employment Soka University ahead of 2004)
★Monte Rosa Ltd. where plain wood shop and Uotami, etc. are managed(The industrial strike is famously in the roughness of the person use. The financial clique of reason plain wood Yoshikazu Shi of relative Komeito of the wife of the Ikeda masterpiece had managed it. )
★"Yourou no Taki" of tavern(It is famous for a long time as Soka society member's habitue's drinking house. )
★Tokyo Disneyland (Oriental Land) Soka Gakkai owns stock 10% of Disney. (former representative director Japan of Koji Hoshino Walt Disney company and others believer person of six Soka University alumnus terms ..director 2?3..)
★Doutor Coffee(The Soka society member recognizes it officially. )
★Kirin Brewery Co., Ltd.(The appearance artist of the campaign for giraffe's canned coffee fire is a Soka society member in the Mitsubishi group. It is declared that fool Kamei of the Liberal-Democratic Party doesn't drink the beer of Soka Gakkai either. )
★The agent provocateur of' Soka Gakkai Daiso formal name '.. ..Ltd... ..number considerably.. is working for one 00 yen in not 1 person but two or more regions ..largeness.. creating. However, the same Korean peninsula system though there is a believer of Unification Church (Unite both of the victory), too.
★AOYAMA TRADING co., ltd. (To tell the truth, the chairman of 100 yen PLAZA who united it with Aoyama Trading. Daiso is the same as the chairman of Aoyama Trading. )
★Theatrical company named WAHAHA-Hompo(Masami Hisamoto in the Soka Gakkai public entertainments part and Rie's Shibata both men belong, and representative's writer Hajime is Soka Gakkai. )
★Takarazuka Girls' Operetta Troupe(It is said that the stimulant that the Goto Yamaguchi-gumi-affiliated class imported from North Korea is treated, and Soka Gakkai undertakes the money laundering of the earnings. )
★K1 (It backs up in the capital. It supports it like the purchase of the admission ticket etc. as the Soka society member brings it together. )
★Hokke Club(Hotel of national chain. Soka Gakkai operating directly?)
★Asics(All president's aunts of the part seem to be also so in the Soka society member. )
★Pasona(President's southern part Yasuyuki is a Soka society member in Barbary. Representative former Maehara's of the Democratic Party wife also was working. )
★It is already famous in Sofmap and personal computer atelier (antique relation) industries as Soka Gakkai-affiliated.
★Big camera(Sofmap is supported. )
★Yamada Denki(Not only the president but also all management is occupied by the Soka society member. When electing it, the poster of Komeito (Soka Gakkai party) is pasted, and a lot of Soka society members are had as for the employee. )
★Esthetics de MYLORD(The variety show got into the news. )
★Nitori ( necessaries..Soka University..find employment..person..a lot of.)
★Bikkuri Donkey
★TenkaIppin(ramen shop)
★Toho Pharmaceutical and Tomo Tscmirai G loop(There are a lot of those at Soka University who find employment. It creates and related companies seem to like Soka Gakkai. )
★Confectionery of grape of Tokyo and 'silver'(Grapstorn Ltd.)
★Wagon road(Family restaurant. Additionally, the restaurant of various genres is managed in the group. )
★Japanese judas tree woods(Chinese restaurant. Especially, the Japanese judas tree woods in Shinanomachi in the town of Soka Gakkai is Mecca in which they gather. )
★Eye hop(family restaurant)
★Namis of health food SF
★Healthy family's shop
★Sushi "Warehouse (saddle)" chain that turns(It is abundant in Hachioji etc.)
★Koenji ring 7 along"Souka"
★Transformer arts of animated cartoon production
★Studio Alice(photograph shop)
★Aoyama of coffee(It is taught to the Soka society member, "Here is a seat where Mr.Ms. Ikeda sat" etc. by word of mouth. )
★Hakubundou bookstore
★Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi(The main financing bank of Soka Gakkai is Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, and the character is Mickey. )
★It gives preferential treatment to those who decide Mitsubishi Corp., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industires (Gendai Weekly: aim of Soka Gakkai and Mitsubishi group "High level conference") informally more than general man.
★Comusademord and ism
★Anabuki construction company

Complete Soka enterprise as follows
★Japanese books transportation. (11.3 billion yen in annual turnover like transportation and move etc. of Seikyou newspaper etc.)
★Nitiei (It is 1.1 billion yen in the annual turnover in the subsidiary company of the Japanese books transportation. )
★Shinano facilities management (3.6 billion yen in annual turnover like management of Soka Gakkai hall etc.)
★Nikkou guard security (It is 1.6 billion ..subject.. yen in the annual turnover as for the guard of the Soka Gakkai hall. )
★Creation company (The Soka Gakkai relation of 3.6 billion yen in the annual turnover : by about 80%.)
★Glory construction (2.9 billion yen in the annual turnover around building and the repair of Soka Gakkai facilities. )
★Shinano project (5.9 billion yen in annual turnover such as video production and goods of Soka Gakkai event)
★East and west philosophy study(The store develops centering on Shinanomachi, and 9.2 billion yen in the annual turnover.)
★Shio publisher (4.5 billion yen in annual turnover like writing of monthly "Shio" and Ikeda etc.)
★The third civilization company (One billion yen in annual turnover like publication related to Soka Gakkai etc.)
★Otori study (Goods is delivered to the university library, and 3.8 billion yen in the annual turnover. )
★TOKO (1.9 billion yen in annual turnover like employment ad in Seikyou newspaper etc.)
★Fuji white lotus company (The majority of the customer are 1.9 billion yen in the annual turnover in the Soka society member. )


  1. the sgi is bullshit.

    i sure appreciate what you do mark........thanks.

  2. I don't always agree with you Mark, but I deeply appreciate all the work you do on here, and other previous sites, to inform us of the reality of what really goes on in the big corporate money monster of the SGI. (I read recently of the strong ties to the Yakuza goes way back with ties to the Komieto) I can't believe I was so naive, but hey, I was really young back then in the '60's.

  3. Common knowledge just like the SGI celebrities. Wherever is found the SGI tricolor flag in Japan, one is sure of their affiliation.