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Sunday, December 27, 2015



SGI-EU Summit with General Secretary Kitano. 20/21-12-97 Villa Sachzen. 

"After the last preparations were carried out re: the SGI-EU Directorate on 19/12/97, and the last participants of the "Summit" had arrived late evening, the meeting of those responsible for Europe began in the Rheinsaal of the "Villa Sachzen". 

(Only) theme: The incidents connected with the Priests visits to Europe etc. First, extracts of the speech of SGI GD at the meeting of the representatives of the SGI in the Kansai Guidance Center on l4/11/97 were read out. 

As reported, (by SGI-USA and SGI-Taiwan), the actions of the Nikken sect have become more dangerous and we must keep them under careful observation. You already know what is happening in Japan where the sect changed its statutes on the 29th September, (to make many SGI members uncertain or insecure). To enable the Nichiren Shoshu Temples to keep to these statutes, all are intensely involved in coercing the Soka Gakkai members to join them. They approach the members through the post or by telephone threatening them that they will be disqualified if they do not heal themselves. 

Such incidents do not just happen by chance but have been carefully planned. Shinsho Abe, a son of Nikken and author of these incidents said: "It is important to carry out the fight against the Soka Gakkai for two months to achieve a Tozan membership of 100,000 people. We have altered the statute at this time as the preconditions of our fight". 

We assume that this type of action is to be followed in every country. In fact, we have already received reports from the USA, Argentina, and Taiwan regarding letters and posters through which the members were to be convinced to become registered Temple members although, the final reason for doing so was not stated in them. 

What we, at all costs, have to watch are the malicious strategies of the Nikken sect overseas. Initially, they target a member and organize a core group of about ten members as a "unit". Eventually, this becomes a basic group and this will be legally registered. Then the intrinsic members of the local management of the organization are taken over/replaced as we have seen in Panama. 

Following this, Obayashi, who is the person responsible for Nichiren Shoshu overseas affairs, or a Priest of the Nikken sect, comes and takes over the Chairmanship. Next follows the building of a Temple which is also the house or home of the Priest. He then takes over responsibility for the planning and activities of the Temple members and the organization expands. 

Mathematically viewed, the attack of the Nikken sect starts from point to line, from line to the lateral dimension, and from the two dimensional to the three dimensional. If one of us thinks: "It is better that he/she has joined the Nikken sect" or "In our country, we have no such problems" or "The Priest was here by coincidence", the sect will immediately attack us. As the Priests of the Nikken sect move about, evil seeds are sown everywhere. 

In order to destroy the overseas strategies of the Nikken sect, I want to make a suggestion to all the representatives that we start a special SGI campaign against the Nikken sect starting today to last until the end of the Tozan of 100,000 people. During this period, Nikken will be in court on 22/12/97 and on 2/2/98. We should continue our fight during this period. Do you agree? 

Before the beginning of our fight, I would like to confirm three points: Initially and especially we should be "pro-active", in other words, be informed of all the movements of the Nikken sect and apply a practical system of "counter-action". As you have already been informed, the SGI Strategy Dept. has been founded at the SGI-Head Office. In the past, the movements of the Nikken sect have been carefully monitored outside of Japan and in conjunction with the Bureau of the European Continent, counter- activities were instigated. Moreover, the Strategic Department has been provided to strengthen this system. 

In several countries in which seminars about the Nikken sect were held, and guidance relevant to this was given, campaigns to win the members back were carried out. In addition, measures were taken against the Priests and Danto organizations. In those countries in which no measures were taken, I hope that a plan will be discussed according to the situation in that country. The SGI will do its utmost to support those countries and make available all the necessary information and publications. In each country, discussions will be held regarding the title of the Strategy Dept. 

Secondly, we should exert ourselves and never be inattentive. Because the power of the Soka Gakkai is overwhelmingly strong and dominant in Japan, the members think one can easily deal with the Nikken sect and they don't take the situation seriously enough. Consequently, one does not know their precise strength. Going into detail, we found that it is not the Temples that are the places of the leading persons, but their homes. 

They are constantly seeking ways to increase their sphere of influence. It is very dangerous to underestimate their influence and say: "Everything is OK here, up to now none of our members has resigned". The Nikken sect works like mad for shakubuku and their sphere of influence can increase even if we can't see anything. 

Perhaps you think there is no Danto in your country. Although, in Sweden and in Mexico, Koreans from America and Mexicans have taken a leading role. Actually the Danto movement, the Danto organizations which are formed from ten or more members, were established without our knowing anything about it. 

At all events, the Nikken sect concentrates its energies more and more on shakubuku for the services of the "Tozan of 100,000 people". If our attack is not strong enough, the strength of evil will destroy us. We must fight with all our strength because we must not allow the might of evil to show itself."

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