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Monday, December 28, 2015

SGI too are pigeons pecking at filth

SGI: "Joining the Ramadan forum gave us a clear understanding about the culture and philosophy of our Muslim brothers and sisters," commented Pogi Figuracion, an SGI-Philippines young men's group member. "Although we have different beliefs, we share a common goal to help achieve peace and deeper understanding in Mindanao, the Land of Promise."

Nichiren: "[In ancient China] the royal consorts Mo Hsi, Ta Chi, and Pao Ssu were charming in manner and excelled all others in beauty. But because the rulers in their foolishness became infatuated with them, these women brought about the downfall of the nation. And now Zen priests, Precepts priests, and Nembutsu advocates of our own time such as Shōichi, Dōryū, Ryōkan, Dōami, Nen’ami, and other teachers of their kind are like domestic pigeons that peck at filth, or like the beautiful Hsi-shih who deceived the king of Wu. They adhere to their Hinayana precepts, which are like stinking waste or donkey’s milk,..."

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