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Sunday, December 13, 2015

"The Benefits accrued as a result of Praying for the defeat of Nikken".

By Soka Gakkai SGI head "priest" Yuban Narita

Published in several Soka Gakkai online publications

In the past, I have addressed the question of Nikken's harmful activities, and his destructive and denigrating behavior towards others. Today however, I would like to focus on the importance of how, praying for Nikken's removal, our life is purified and our enlightened aspect elevated; how, as a consequence, we experience unparalleled advancement in our lives. For reasons I will enlarge on in my talk, I beseech you all to chant passionately and with a most fervent prayer, for the removal of Nikken .

Since Nikken severed relations with the SGI, many people with a strong and consistent practice have spoken of a heavy cloud over their hearts and difficulty in focusing their prayers. One elderly woman told me she simply cannot shake loose her feelings of heaviness, and never feels refreshed from her practice, even though she practices strongly. This is the effect of Nikken's devilish function*. I, myself, broke through the dark clouds over my heart and experienced feelings of liberation and limitless joy in my life after becoming involved in the activity of bringing temple members back to the Daishonin's Buddhism.

In the Gosho, it is written: " To refute evil is a great good. To refute good is a great evil". This passage explains why there is no choice other than to challenge Nikken and consequently, what he represents. President Ikeda, who more than anyone demonstrates the application of this fighting spirit, has said: "To fight against supreme evil represents supreme good".

For the last seven years, I have followed this course of action with my life and my practice. To do so, causes an eruption of the mystic law's energy throughout every cell in one's body, which is why this type of prayer has allowed many members to overcome serious illnesses. Here is one such experience:

A woman's husband, who doesn't practice, was diagnosed with stage four cancer in the lymph nodes of his neck. He was given one week to live. Upon hearing the guidance I have described, his wife went home and, immediately, at midnight, began to chant. Her prayer was single- mindedly for the defeat of Nikken, coupled with her deep desire that her husband recover. After two hours, she experienced a deep awakening. She felt a profound sense of appreciation to have been born at such a momentous and determining time in the history of Buddhism, and in the context of the future of mankind. She understood, on the one hand, the defining nature of Daisaku Ikeda as a disciple of Nichiren and a great bodhisattva, and, on the other hand, that Nikken's function is that of the devil of the sixth heaven. She perceived clearly what a golden age this is, and how she, as a bodhisattva living at this time, could actively influence the outcome of the battle between good and evil, which would affect the future of mankind for eternity**. With this realization, the woman's joy was so intense, that she chanted from midnight until eight in the morning without any sense of time passing. During this time, her husband, who was hospitalized, experienced major convulsions, and vomited quantities of blood. His doctor, alarmed by this deterioration in the man's condition, concluded that he wouldn't last the day. However, despite these circumstances, he conducted tests, which yielded totally unexpected results, whereupon he called the man's wife, and told her to disregard what he had said previously about her husband having only one week to live. The fact is he said, "There is no trace of cancer cells to be found in his body".

This experience is a tremendous testimonial to the power and focus of this woman's passionate prayer and her unflinching determination. It is typical of many such experiences.

Here is another experience from a man in Hokkaido. His business was selling racehorses. Unfortunately, with the recession being so severe, unable to sell a single horse, and drowning in debt, he found himself on the brink of bankruptcy. A leader came to encourage him. The leader told the man of this specific prayer with which he could overcome his current crisis, despite the reality of a severe recession. He encouraged the man to pray fervently to defeat Nikken and to participate whole-heartedly in the movement to bring back temple members. The man replied: "I live in Hokkaido and Nikken lives in Taiseki-Ji. I have never had contact with him personally and certainly never been mistreated by him, so I fail to see the relevance of this".

It was the leader's unshakeable confidence, however, which finally convinced him to take action and follow this guidance. Immediately, without hesitating, he began to chant aggressively to defeat Nikken. In a short time he had sold three horses from which he made a profit of $200,000. He continued selling horses accumulating a total profit in excess of $1,000,000. Feeling such tremendous appreciation at this remarkable turn in events and how much his life had opened, he expended huge efforts and successfully promoted 27 new Soka Gakkai journal subscriptions, thereby fulfilling his debt of gratitude.

In conclusion, many of you are doubtless wondering why it is that such dramatic results can come about from impassioned prayer, to defeat Nikken. It is as President Ikeda has said: "Fighting supreme evil creates supreme good". In other words, amongst our global community upon this entity we call Earth, a cancer called Nikken is proliferating. Before this cancer erupted, most of our prayers had been based on our individual desires. However, with the onset of this cancer, the metabolism of our planet has undergone change. The collusion of corrupt priests with government authorities, to destroy the activities of bodhisattvas has precipitated the three calamities and the seven disasters, exactly as the Gosho describes. This has become the reality of our times. It is demonstrably clear that the earth's energy field and our environment have undergone radical disruption since Nikken revealed his true identity as the devil of the sixth heaven, specifically when he severed the relationship with the entire body of the SGI, and propounded that he alone is the portal through which people may access enlightenment. Whereas our prayers, until now, have been motivated generally by our personal wishes, in this critical time, it is of crucial importance that we stand up for justice through our prayer and actions, to eradicate this most powerful enemy intent on destroying Buddhism.

As I mentioned, at the beginning of my talk, those members who have been heavy in heart, upon undertaking to chant with such a passionate and determined prayer, experience an immediate uplifting of their spirits, and an eruption of overwhelming joy they are unable to explain. When one chants with whole-hearted intent to defeat Nikken, one is actually purging one's life of its darkest demons. This is why people have felt liberated and experienced unbelievable joy welling up from the depths of their lives. Because the inner transformation resulting from such prayer is of such a profound nature, it comes as no surprise that the environment reflects this in like measure. This prayer will not fail to bring about a vital and indestructible life force. This is the working of the Mystic Law.*Expand on the meaning of: "Remove Nikken" and "Nikken's devilish function", as external elements, in the context of our own internal realm. ** Golden Age Commentary: What makes this age a golden age is to realize Nikken's pre-eminence in the lineage of arch enemies of Buddhism, wherein he may be contrasted to Devadatta in the time of Shakyamuni, and Ryokan in the time of Nichiren. With Nikken, Buddhism is ultimately faced with the most powerful enemy imaginable. As the High Priest, he leads the priesthood, whose primary function it is to protect the Law, together with a multitude of lay believers, towards a teaching in direct contradiction with Buddhism. His teaching denies the equality of all people and the inherent nature of enlightenment, and, instead, substitutes the concept that enlightenment may be bestowed or denied by the sanction of the High Priest. ----

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