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Monday, January 25, 2016

Daisaku Ikeda possesses the The Three Virtues of Parent, Teacher, and Sovereign according to the SGI organ magazine

Extracts from the "Daibyakurenge", an organ magazine of  the SGI 

& #9312 Virtue of Lord [Sovereign]

"It is only Mr. Ikeda who is endowed with the virtue of Lord who protects all of Japan and the entire world at this present time."

& #9313: Virtue of Teacher

"Our Mr. Ikeda is the only one who is endowed with the virtue of Teacher."

& #9314: Virtue of Parent

"It is Mr. Ikeda who prays for our happiness, all the members of the SGI,. Therefore, he is endowed with the virtue of Parent."

Lord, Teacher and Parent, these three virtues belong to the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni, not Daisaku Ikeda.


  1. Interesting how that has changed! When I was in the SGI for decades, we were often taught that Nichiren Dai Shonin was the parent, teacher and sovereign. The whole Ikeda worship thing was the last straw for me,after the Victory Against Violence campaign using Ghandi, and Martin Luther King with Mr. Ikeda together as a propaganda tool. It gave me the creeps!

  2. sgi/nst have never been even close to what nichiren/shakyamuni taught. getting the creeps was your true fortune. very good carol.