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Monday, January 25, 2016

SGI cult's weird manifesto: The Importance of Mentor in Our Life

SGI Manifesto: Importance of Mentor in Our Life

"Through encountering a mentor in faith, responding to their call, struggling alongside them and engraving their courage and wisdom in our lives, we can break through the shell of our small self."
· Having a mentor in life is the greatest blessing.
· A mentor recognizes our potential, understands our circumstances and helps us in discovering our unique mission.
· A mentor through his wisdom and actions, raises us into truly capable people, the culmination of what we could ever be - happiest & strongest.
· A mentor displays both in spirit and in action how to live a profound life, rebuking all slander.
· A mentor is the truest friend in the face of hardships and dire circumstances. He supports us like no one can, shares all our pains and joys, and lifts us up, higher, ever higher!
· A mentor is our true comrade, always striving alongside us, never stopping or retreating even a single step.
· A mentor in faith, awakened to the true cause can be a ferry to help us cross the sea of suffering and delusion.
· A mentor through his strict fatherly love and embracing motherly love is our true parent. When we go wrong, he admonishes us; when we achieve, he praises us; when broken, he embraces us; The bond of mentor and disciple is the most profound.
· The mentor with his infinite wisdom helps us perceive reality in its true form, breaking all delusion and resolving all our doubts.
· In Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism, a mentor helps us connect to the original Buddha Nichiren and make his resolve of Rissho Ankoku our own.
· A mentor shows us the path by walking on it himself, being the first one to face all the obstacles and then awakens us about them and efficiently coaches us to unfailingly triumph over them.
· When we follow the correct teaching, devils and great obstacles will invariably arise.
· > The Devil's motive is to defeat the votary of the LS, by breaking his resolve through various means. But the mentor never lets his disciple lose by inspiring and guiding him through his own wisdom.
· > There are many people who study Buddhism, but only a handful become Buddhas. The reasons :
· + they do not find the correct teacher
· + they get defeated by the devil king
· Without a mentor, we cannot defeat the deadly devil king of the 6th heaven.
· Mentor & Disciple are one in ND’s Buddhism. The victory of the Mentor is the Victory of the disciple.
· Just as in cloth, there are vertical threads and horizontal threads. The vertical running threads show the bond of mentor and disciple. Without them the horizontal threads cannot be held. Thus a mentor has the potential to guide innumerable disciples together cohesively.
Together, a True Mentor & a True Disciple are victorious over Eternity!

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