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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Actual proof

Actual proof as a standard for the superiority of a religion or philosphy is the most important of the three proofs [documentary, theoretical, and actual]. There must be a way to establish actual proof or all philosophies and religions would be equally valid. There are several ways to establish actual proof. Historicity is one way but as a retrospective device, it is not as powerful as a prospective device such as a rain challenge, prophecies, predictions, and formal debates. Likewise, thusness, or the actuality of a teaching and the behavior of the believers of a particular teaching is an important aspect of actual proof. For example, there is not one exhortation to violence in the Lotus Sutra and the non-violent behavior of the votaries of the Lotus Sutra can be contrasted with the call for violence in the Bible and Q'uran and the actual violence perpetrated by Muslims, Christians, and Jews. Merely leading an ethical life and performing good deeds is a less powerful standard of actual proof because followers of all religions are capable of adhering to this standard. 

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