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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Greg Romero on why we continue to speak out

RJ Peters: Greg. We all know it is true. I lived it just like you. Now shut up, and live long and fulfilled. It's your right as a real Bodhisattva. 

You can't win against the SGI. They wrote me out, Ken Prymus, Brian Potter, Dave Blumberg, Phynus Young and thousands of his followers, and thousands of others long before they wrote out George [Williams]. 

They'll write out they're current movie-stars and celebrities if they resist as well. 

That's what a cult does; make money on the ignorant, inexperienced and foolish. It's a cult. SGI members are not going to listen. Even the ones we brought in. You get it yet? Are you understanding? Ya can't ask a zombie to not be a zombie. You throw intellect, reason, and love at a zombie, he's just going to bite you anyway.

Yes, chant for them if you want. Me? Not a chance anymore. Too many wasted decades. 

And I do so chant. Almost every day. Sutra, Daimoku and Intent. Just not for them anymore.

Greg Romero: thanks for your concern rj. however, the difference here is that i still believe in the real teachings taught by shakyamuni via nichiren. i believe it is the answer to the serious problems facing mankind today and in the future. sgi/nst is and was pure poison. all the people that you mentioned including yourself have been defeated by the devil of the sixth heaven. what a shame. i continue to speak out because if it were to help even one person, and it has, that makes me happy. if you choose to remain silent, that is your choice, but to slander one who speaks out for the buddha's dharma is going too far. careful.


  1. rj is sincere, and he can see the abuse of a hijacked religion. a casualty of the sgi/nst. too bad, but he is a thousand miles ahead of the average sgi/nst cultie who remain fast asleep and ignorant of the true reality. cheers rj.

    1. truth is; all the japanese(and the americans that follow them) are steeped in slander.

      how fortunate are those who can see the truth? very few indeed.