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Friday, February 5, 2016

SGI makes things up then uses their made up doctrines to bash others

"The doctrine of the religious organization indicates that there should not even be one hair of compromise, but in everyday dispatch of the core activities of proselytizing, solicitation of subscriptions to the Seikyō shinbun, and administration, it is obvious that various opinions emerge. A splendid aspect of Soka Gakkai is that, ultimately, differing members reach a consensus as they mutually respect one another’s views. I am profoundly convinced by Ikeda-sensei’s guidance on this point when he said “were Christ, the Buddha, and Muhammad to meet once to speak with one another, they would reach a great mutual understanding for the happiness and peace of humankind.”46

So, in times like these, when opinions within the Gakkai’s administration and those of another support organization do not match up, what is there to do? I believe that an easy standard for determining this comes from the doctrine of gojū no sōtai [five-level comparison] found in Nichiren Buddhism. 1) Naigai sōtai, or Inner and Outer Comparison (Buddhism or non-Buddhist teachings). 2) Daishō sōtai, or Greater and Lesser Comparison (Mahāyāna or Hīnayāna Buddhism). 3) Gonjitsu sōtai, or Provisional and True Mahāyāna Buddhism Comparison (pre-Lotus Sutra teachings of the historical Buddha and the Lotus). 4) Honjaku sōtai, or Origin and Trace Comparison (the origin(honmon) portion of the Lotus and the trace (shakumon) portion). 5) Shudatsu sōtai, or Sowing and Harvesting Comparison (the Buddhadharma harvested beyond the text and the Buddhadharma of the text). Up to this point, Nichiren Shōshū and Soka Gakkai are in accord, but in continuing these distinctions, my colleagues and I have the following personal take: 6) Shūsō sōtai, or Sect and Gakkai Comparison (Nichiren Shōshū or Soka Gakkai). 7) Chisō sōtai, or Ikeda and Soka Comparison (Ikeda-sensei or Soka Gakkai).47

I think that, right now, the distinction needed to preserve a correct religion is level seven. The faction opposing the security legislation cites from Ikeda as much [as other Gakkai members]. But who gains from their actions? People on the anti-Soka side who, as “Gakkai watchers,” gather protestors’ comments as their profession; mass media that makes a profit from viewers attracted to special reports on Soka Gakkai; and shady, parasitic communists who secretively aim to expand the strength of their party. If people acting as members within Soka Gakkai bring about this kind of disorder, even if they employ many citations from Ikeda-sensei’s writings, and even if they seek to realize noble intentions, one cannot call them disciples of Ikeda-sensei who correctly receive and pass on the dharma; they are nothing other than “worms within the lion’s body” who infest Soka Gakkai.48" -- SGI Japenese Senior Leader


  1. Certainly, he would call me worse than a shady parasitic communist.

  2. So basically, with these extra layers of 'comparison' the 'corporately body of the SGI and 'Ikeda Sensei are removed from the body of believers and individual practitioners and placed above them. 'Ikeda Sensei' is removed from being held to account in terms of his own teachings, neatly removing the ability for people to point out the inconsistencies (which is a clear admission that there are such).

    Levels 6 and 7 that have been added, and which clearly end in the destination of 'The Person' are clearly at variance with Nichiren's teaching. What a disgrace. This is shameful behavior and beyond irresponsible teaching, it is simply evil. But you can see how this fits neatly with the US Ambassadors reports of Mr Harada's comments about being able to win over the 'rank and file' SGI members to get them to abandon opposition to a change to the peace constitution of Japan. This is how it is done. Disgusting.

    I note there is never any question that level 6 or 7 could be wrong. Questioning of these levels is effectively forbidden. So you get the Henry Ford type double bind 'you can follow the Law as much as you like and act on what it tells you, so long as it accords with what the SGI corporate body and Ikeda 'Sensei' have decided. If not, you're just a worm or a shady character (and therefore no doubt can be treated as such), at which point some such have their humanity stripped away and become dehumanised, something other and we all know what that kind of dehumanisation leads to don't we.

    Basically the SGI approach is dehumanise, disempower, demonise. Chilling.

  3. Excellent analysis. Apparently, that is also how they get the cult members to accept change in leadership doctrine etc. without so much of a question.