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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Nikko as sole successor is a major theme in the Daishonin's writings. The proof...



  1. Well, maybe not exactly in the Dashonin's writings, but who needs that kind of proof when we have this: ?

    " 1282, Age 61,
    9/? : [Nichiren] Writes a transfer document at Minobu, entrusting Nikko with the entirety of his teachings.

    10/13 [Nichiren] Writes a transfer document ai Ikegami, designating Nikko as chief priest of Kuon-ji temple at Minobu, and shortly afterward passes away."

    Source : "The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin Volume I. Soka Gakkai 1999 ; Appendix K, Events in the Life of Nichiren Daishonin"

    Wait a minute!-- In the Daishonin writings we find teachings the Daishonin himself claimed were "among the most important" and even "from my own enlightenment" addressed to lay believers. Are we to believe the Daishonin intended for Nikko to collect, and take possession of these teachings ?

    Is there any reference in Shakyamuni's Lotus Sutra, any of the Buddha's teachings shared by and upheld by Nichiren that refer to the concept of a *sole successor* and *keeper of sacred teachings* ? Are we to believe Nichiren was filled with doubts at the time of his death?

    Are we to believe that Nichiren's foremost concern at the time of his death was *formally* bequeathing his personal relics for posterity ? That is so un-enlightened-like :-/

    "No matter how wise a person may appear, if his assertions are warped you should not listen to him. Nor should you follow priests merely because they are venerable or of high rank." (Letter to Nike) ...

    or, have documents that do not accord with the Lotus Sutra or reason.