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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Response to an SGI senior leader

"The suspicion and hostility in your message speaks volumes about where your life has gone, and I'm deeply sorry to see it." -- SGI Senior Leader admonishing me


"If someone is about to kill your father and mother, shouldn't you try to warn them? If an evil son who is insane with drink is threatening to kill his father and mother, shouldn't you try to stop him?"  (Opening of The Eyes, pg. 212)

"Then at times there are others who fail to observe the precepts and, as soon as they finish listening to the priest, are enraged to the point where they are about to attack him. Someone who preaches the Dharma in this way, though he may in the end lose his life, is still worthy of being called a person who observes the precepts and brings merit to both himself and others."(ibid pg. 209)

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