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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The people of the Soka nation neither adhere to nor protect the teachings

"The Benevolent Kings Sutra says, 'For a thousand ri around the seven disasters will not occur.' And the Lotus Sutra says, '[I will also shield and guard those who uphold this sutra], making certain that they suffer no decline or harm within the area of a hundred yojanas.' If the ruler of a nation propagates the correct teaching, then he is certain to be rewarded with results such as these. And if the people of the nation adhere to and protect this teaching, then how could any great disasters occur within their families? Again, the eighth volume of the Lotus Sutra says, 'Their wishes will not be in vain, and in this present existence they will gain the reward of good fortune.' And it says, “In this present existence he will have manifest reward for it.' And also, “He will in his present existence be afflicted with white leprosy.” And again, 'Their heads will split into seven pieces.' And in the second volume, 'If this person [should slander a sutra such as this], or on seeing those who read, recite, copy, and uphold this sutra, should despise, hate, envy, or bear grudges against them, . . . When his life comes to an end he will enter the Avīchi hell.' And in the fifth volume, 'If people speak ill of and revile him, their mouths will be closed and stopped up.'”

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  1. Nor indeed do they "widely declare and spread" the teachings, doing the work of kosen-rufu, quite the contrary.

    They associate the Soka name with that of Nichiren, the Lotus Sutra, the Daimoku and Gohonzon, claiming inseperability whilst teaching that faith in the Sutra and sincere practice of the is not enough to attain enlightenment. They teach that one can only do this by "following the way of "mentor-disciple" and getting a mystical transmission outside the "words and concepts (of the Sutra) alone, through the connection between mentor-disciple, that the Sutra scrolls and faith in them is not enough.

    So they act directly against the Sutra and its intent, slandering it whilst claiming to uphold it, they cause others to do likewise, to adopt the perverse and perverted teaching of the Soka nation and causing those with correct and pure faith to deviate into evil paths.

    Likewise they prevent those who are seeking the sweet dew of the great Law from entering into the path of correct and pure faith by signposting them to the path of Soka suffering, confusing these sincere seekers, whilst fleecing them of their merit, time, money and autonomy on the floating Soka log of MDF before pushing them overboard to sink once more to the bottom of the sea of suffering.

    The leaders of Soka nation are no more than bandits in the road, snagging the unwary, drugging them with false promises and corrupt teaching, causing them to become destitute, hopeless and complicit in those crimes.

    Is there any adequate way to describe such monumental calculated evil? Indeed it is pitiful for all concerned. Meanwhile the Sutra and Nichiren 's pure teaching become ever more obscured in that mire. Pitiful.