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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Daisaku Ikeda's monumental stupidity

SGI finally admits and repudiates the DaiGohonzon as fake. It follows that they must admit Daisaku Ikeda's monumental stupidity for commissioning one of the most expensive buildings in the world [Sho Hondo] to house a fake.


  1. "SGI finally admits and repudiates the DaiGohonzon as fake."

    Does this mean the SGI's tale of how Nichiren's one True disciple Niko Shonin protected and enshrined the DaiGohonzon is a fairytale?

    Will SGI admit that there is no real, true evidence of the Nichiren Shoshu High Priest's life blood of faith lineage that spawned the whopper about Nichiren revealing himself (only to their keen insight) as the True Buddha?

    Will the mentor disciple relationship be exposed as the wishful thinking of opportunists ?

    I hope this snow ball gains momentum rolling down the slippery slope of *breaking scandal* and wipes out "SGI Buddha"-- once and for all!!

  2. ha, ha. ikeda has known for many years that the shoshu is bullshit. the question is; ikeda/sgi, knowing this for many years, what does it make them? more importantly, how deeply asleep are those leaders and members who strongly support them? same for the shoshu. pathetic.