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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to pronounce the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra mantra

 I = beats

    I   I    I    I     I    I     I                  I     I    I    I    I     I 
Namu Myoho renge kyo or Namu Myoho renge kyo

Na Mu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo [Na Moo Meo Ho Wren Gay Keyo]


Namu Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo [Namoo Meo Ho Wren Gay Keyo]


  1. Beautiful!
    I am deeply grateful for the profound experience of correctly chanting daimoku !

  2. Wow such a difference..not going million miles an hour.
    Hello Mark,

    I just found your website a few hours ago and find it interesting. I wanted to share on here what I went through. Today after many years of not practicing, I woke up this morning remembering this practice. So I started to look online for things about it. And I found you. I always wondered what the dark side has to do with this practice and I experienced it tremendously. I was involved with this type of Buddhism for about 15 years. I started in SGI then was told they were lame so I quit. This law followed me, everywhere I went it was there. Sitting in a restaurant one day this guy at the next table hears me talking about chanting to my friend across the table. He then blurts out, you do that, go to the temple, I said what temple? the one down the street. So I go to the temple and start up again with the priests. For the next 8 years of being in that energy, I had the fortune to go to Japan 5 times, and see the big dia gohonzon 15 times. However...during these years of my life, I was targeted by Gov't black ops, cabal thugs, who used every kind of technology on me to try to kill me. It sucked. These guys would come in my apt and knock my altar on the floor. I stopped this practice because I got tired of being abducted at night and took my gohonzon back to the temple. I told people at the temple my life is in danger and they kept saying...keep chanting. Today I have marks on my face from the asphalt that scraped over my face as these jerks ran me off the road.
    I sold most of my stuff, I have one pair of sandle wood beads left, and three gosho's from the 80's. I wanted to connect back into this but was clueless on how not to be involved with the organizations. I'm glad this blog supports that, but I'll never understand to this day why I suffered so much practicing this in NST. And why the hell would so many shadow people be so concerned over me, yet I was protected. I always thought I had a strong connection to it from a past life. There was once a time I stood in Japan amongst the old buildings to hear the sound of bells and sticks being tapped on the ground. Only to find the procession of the high priest who came upon me with his many priests out walking, these guys all turned and just looked at me standing s there. After that experience many at the temple wouldn't associate with me. I got tired of being chased and harassed and was smashed in my car one morning trying to get to morning gongyo.
    My life as been quiet and peaceful since 2008. I came to the conclusion now after everything that is going on in the world, that this mandala protects one yet back at that time period there were wars going on with ships and other beings from other planets. This war is still going on, but I do believe the mandala intimidates many alien species that are living here on the earth. And I think this mandala was put here for protection from that, but most of the organizations are controlled and SGI has Jesuit members behind it. That's all I got to say, I have never shared this with anyone since this happened. So I'm glad to get it out. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, yet I would love to start up my practice again on a much pure nature. I'm really drawn to old gohonzons there seems to be a lot of them out there. Even though we were told not to take pictures of it, I find it fascinating that you can find a gohonzon from the 1800's on ebay. I feel these things are quite powerful and who needs a control organization to tell you to give them your money and practice there way. Hey mark thanks for listening and keep the faith.


  3. Thanks Anonymous. What a long strange trip its been. Anyway as a wise man once said,"keep the faith".

    1. when I was at taskeji in the main temple that new one they built, I always wondered about the big huge gohonzon that seemed to be a story high was the original gohonzon of nicherin. That's what I was told.I found the original gohonzon the one he made from 1278 in april. It is housed in Kyoto, in a temple, and I don't think NST, nor SGI are connected to this temple. Some lady had it in 1933 and donated it to this place, the article about this place says, hardly no tourists come here. So I copied it and I like how it looks, its quite beautiful. I was wondering now after finding out this info, why in the hell NST who's temple is located around Mt fuji, thinks and swears that the big gold thing they built the million dollar building around which is nuclear bomb proof by the way is the first and original gohonzon of Nicherin. I used to sit there and think, how did that guy carry this thing..and when the high priest would turn in his chair toward the audience, he reminded me of that little guy from star wars. Sorry he just did, it freaked me out. I then figured it was all about money and all the money these organizations make is sick. So why Mark is nicherins very first gohonzon from april 20, 1278 hanging on the wall in this little out of the way temple, and why aren't members from NST whatever told about this. It blows my mind and to me makes no sense, you'd think that when you go on one of their priviledged tozans they would tell you this..but noooooo. I never went on tozans with groups I traveled by myself and was always treated like a outcast. They made me leave one time 10 miles out of radius of this certain ceremony because I didnt have the 100 dollar pass around my neck to witness it. what kind of organization treats people like that. I was told to leave the temple grounds and not return. Only to find some lady saw me walking the streets and asked what I was doing an american in this little town and I told her, and she was the high priests assistant and told me to get in her car and she drove me her cell phone she called one of the priests and said, I have this american member in my car, they told her get her out of your car and leave her. What a joke. anyway, I will always keep the faith Mark, but I wanted to ask you if the major writing books from the 80's are they actual writings or did SGI change the content. Thanks!

  4. ~ 90% fairly decent translations. `~ 10% altered to fit SGI/NST heterodox doctrines.