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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

I forcefully maintain

I forcefully maintain that Shakyamuni and Nichiren lived in humble simplicity their entire lives and both the wealthy man Sudatta and Shijo Kingo never took even fifty yen in donations. The SGI top leaders' salaries are disgraceful and offensive for religious leaders supposedly dedicated to the Great Law. 

I also maintain that, in the true secular sector (versus the phony baloney pseudo-lay SGI), these men would demonstrate no marketable skills. Giving guidance and rallying the troops around Sensei is hardly a CEO requirement. 


  1. Totally agree with the first statement. I would add that most of the SGI USA top leaders, because they are not making a living amongst society, have developed characteristics like "monks who retreat to the forrest and engage in peaceful practices". Some write books, some travel at the members expense & are wined and dined , exalted as prestigious "central figures" at large SGI activities, some preside over the activities at the Florida Nature Center, a popular SGI *retreat/spa*-- they seem to have made careers out of *denouncing the world*. Can they rightly guide and teach members struggling amidst the inequities that abound in our society?

    I wouldn't necessarily say that none of these *career SGI motivational speakers* has "marketable skills". The current General director of SGI USA, Aidin Straus is apparently a very talented CFO. Business, finance, investment skills are marketable in the "SGI USA". Mr Straus was hired as a professional CFO, salaried via the members' donations for at least 4 years prior to becoming General Director of SGI- USA.

    Greg Martin and co.'s next book,

    "The Buddha in Your Wallet"--- ???