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Monday, April 18, 2016

Nichiren on Myo Ho [Sublime Dharma]

"Although the Tathagata Shakya came forth into the world with the intent to preach the Hokekyo, he, at first, hid the name of the Hokekyo and established the expedient teachings of the Hokekyo from age thirty until more than seventy and at age seventy-two called out the Title for the first time. Therefore, one cannot compare the titles of the other Sutras to the Title of the Lotus Sutra. The doctrines of "One thought Is Three Thousand Realms" and the "True Attainment of Buddhahood in the Distant Past" are derived from the Chapters of Expedience and the Measure of the Life. They are the very essence of the Hokekyo and are the Two Characters "Myo Ho" (Sublime Dharma). 

"Now, because the Hokekyo gathers the sutras of the more than forty years (of the Buddha's Lifetime) into the One Sutra and gathers together the Buddhas of the ten directions and the three ages perfectly endowed with the Three Bodies and speaks of them as Branch (Divided) Bodies [of the One Buddha Shakya], the One Buddha is all Buddhas. Therefore, the Buddhas [as well as the Sutras] are all gathered into the Two Characters "Myo Ho" (Sublime Dharma). That being the case [that the Buddhas and the Titles of the Sutras are opened and assimilated by the Hokekyo and the Myo Ho (Sublime Dharma) is precisely that which opens and assimilates], one should chant the Title (the Daimoku) of the Hokekyo." -- Sho Hokke Daimoku Sho, pg 203 

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