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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Appraising the perception and judgement of SGI leaders Terry Ruby and Thomas Pass the Doobie

"I have never known Petry to ever say anything worthwhile or truthful. He is like an intellectual gnat attacking an intellectual giant (John Ayres). What Petry mistakes for the truth is his own inability to deal with facts that he does not like. He simply makes up "facts" that are more suitable to him.This is the best that the Minobu sect has to represent themselves. Typical. His ignorance of his own sect and Nichiren’s Buddhism is very helpful for orthodox Nichiren sects." -- Terry Ruby SGI leader

I suggest you search John Ayres on Google Groups Alternate Religion Buddhism of Nichiren. Then we can most easily judge the perception and judgement of SGI leader Terry Ruby. Were you to find it to be deficient, it is a warning to you who remain in the Soka Gakkai or to those who are thinking of joining. A good search term would be John Ayres and Reginald Carpenter and go down to the 5th post. Thomas Pass the Doobie's perception and judgement is not much better than Terry Ruby's. Should Thomas wish to come here and argue SGI's or Nichiren's doctrines, I would be more than happy to host him. We can have a hundred day debate.

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