The SGI has been using subtle mind control techniques and psychological manipulation since its inception to sow the seeds of hatred. Haven’t you seen the, “I denounce the Soka Gakkai” articles from 1970? You have been so indoctrinated that you don’t even see that you use psychological mind control techniques. As Nichiren says: “They have slandered so long that it is as natural for them as playing in a garden.” You have been proven to have lied and slandered me. I don’t need an apology. All I ask is that you reflect on yourself and your faith.

Alann then wrote, to drive home his point: “The endless wars in the Mideast between Jews and Muslims, and between rival Muslim sects, all trace their roots to disputes in interpretation and succession, eerily similar to ours.”

I retorted: Your calumny was already sown when you wrote, “However great your own self control and however deep your commitment to the Buddhist ideal of non violence, the seeds of hate and intolerance you sow in the hearts of new believers cannot fail to blossom one day into a harvest of ugly and destructive violence.” Perhaps you thought this view was too extreme, in light of the history of non-violence of the Kempon Hokke (in contradistinction to the history of the SGI) or perhaps you wish to make your slanderous view more palatable to the readers, so you now send a mixed message: “The endless wars in the Mideast between Jews and Muslims, and between rival Muslim sects, all trace their roots to disputes in interpretation and succession eerily similar to ours.” This may lead the less astute reader of your post to equate my words with “killing and murder” and possibly to equate me with killing and murder. Is this not what the Nembutsu priests did to the disciples of Nichiren, claiming that we were taking up arms against them (only the SGI is even more subtle in their calumny)?

Alann then wrote: “In my view it’s only a short step from celebrating or mocking one anothers deaths to actively seeking to bring about one anothers deaths.”

I replied: Here you once again attempted to lead the reader to equate what I wrote about the SGI, their leaders and members untoward deaths, “To bringing about one another’s deaths.” This again is like the provisional Buddhists attacking Nichiren for what he said about the Nembutsu priests in the Rissho Ankoku Ron without taking cognizance of his qualifying statements a few short passages later. The SGI is a master at sowing the seeds of hatred and impugning the character of their detractors.


According to you, pointing out the reality and actuality of someone’s death is the same as celebrating or mocking another's death but Nagarjuna, Tientai, and Nichiren also employed this teaching device.

Alann [towards the end of his post, he again reverted to SGI’s time honored cult technique of bull baiting]: “I ask you honestly, if you were to kill me and go home and do gongyo to your “Nichiren” Gohonzon, would you still be ‘free from fault, as one part poison mixed with 1,000 parts water’?”

I responded: As if I know what it would be like to kill someone, as if I had even entertained the thought.

Alann then posted: “You claimed in an earlier post as a disciple of Nichiren Daishonin you are rendered ‘free from fault, as 1 part poison mixed with 1,000,000 parts water.’ ”

and I wrote: That is the power of a correct faith and practice, exactly as Nichiren and the Lotus Sutra teach.

Then, despite Alann’s repeated denials that he made the above statements, he peristed:

"I asked, please note that word ASKED, you, in light of this absurd claim, a simple QUESTION: “If you were to kill me today and go home and do gongyo to your ‘Nichiren’ Gohonzon, would you still be free from fault ?” That was (and is) my QUESTION, anyone doubting this can check for themselves.”

I responded: He was taking his question out of context to prove that I lied about his true intentions but in fact, it only served to validate what I said: That he attempted to plant the seed in people’s minds that my words are akin to killing and murder and therefore I would have no compunction in killing him or any SGI in the name of my Nichiren Gohonzon. I then wrote, “you may call it a simple question but I call it a loaded question as was your entire post.”

Alann then wrote: “The thread in question in Alternate Religion Buddhism of Nichiren is ‘apparent deceptions and double standards of the sgi’ the date is 10/2/98 7:27pm. Please check it out.”

Mark: By all means, check it out.
Alann: This clearly and irrefutably establishes that Rogow is a shameless liar and a deluded sociopath who uses religion to satisfy his strange need for superiority.
Mark: On the contrary, we see once again why the thread is entitled: ‘apparent deceptions and double standards of the sgi’
Allan: I made no assertions or accusations and mentioned nothing about ‘having the chance’, yet Rogow KNOWING THIS claims otherwise.
Mark: The SGI never comes out and says what it really means. Their members invariably resort to subtle psychological manipulation to destroy faith in whomever they perceive as their enemies. That is known as deception. Double standards refers to their outcries when another demonstrates himself or herself to be less than perfect.
Allan: I shall view him henceforth as the liar he has proven himself to be and I shall regard all of his posts as tainted by deception. I honestly regard this as an outrage and, in light of his constant hectoring, I beseech you all to investigate this yourselves and denounce him for the liar that he has beyond all question of interpretation, proven himself to be.

Mark: Then, I received the following comment [which I trashed] from Saad: “Stop hating and get a life. Secondly what have you done lately besides bad mouthing people who want something in their life. Developed a website that really is not about nothing. Is this your legacy to mankind? I only came across it because I googled Rock the Era and wanted to see what a nay sayer had to say. You are pitiful. I am going to send you some daimoku. Also peace happiness and love to you brother. Put some effort into something positive and you may make something of your life before you leave this earth. Peace out and don’t bother to respond because I am done with you!”

SGI members have been slandering me for 20 years, almost on a daily basis, despite backing up my assertions with photographs, quotes, and historical fact.

Anyone who remains in the SGI or is thinking of joining, remember that the Nichikan Gohonzon leads invariably to misfortune and breeds evil men.