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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The BS begins at 11:46


  1. i got sick around 8:20. i would bet that none of these people who do these gakkai propaganda videos, have never met sensei, or even been in the same room with ikeda. for me after being around ikeda for more than a week, i could easily see his ego/phoniness as a buddhist.

  2. These young women do not give even a slight indication that they BELIEVE what they are reading. Note their affects and demeanor when talking about the flaming disciple showing gratitude to his mentor !!

    They are told that their participation in the Ikeda Wisdom Academy (for the hopelessly ignorant and depraved SGI USA Youth Division) is a CAUSE--. Some top leader will say to them, "For as SGI President Ikeda reminds us, "even if you forget what you have read, something profound will have been engraved in the depths of your life."

    Also note the *guidance* from the young woman on the left regarding *We can always chant to able able to appreciate our lives*. Convincing? Not so much-- she appears to be hoping this CAUSE will do the trick for her.

    Chanting to the Nichikan no-honzon is a strategy of the *entitled- minded SGI*-Chant for *treasures of the heart*; Chant to connect to *the mentor*; Chant that the new car you just received as a *benefit* has transformed your desire for the car into *enlightened wisdom*--THEN, share these experiences with your fellow members and those you are trying to convince to join SGI.

    I cannot imagine young people remaining in this pit -- way too many conflicting message everywhere else they are bound to be--