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Friday, May 6, 2016

We will not compromise Nichiren Daishonin's teachings....

....not for converts, not for a peaceful and secure existence in this lifetime, not to appease the authorities, and not to make friends nor to influence people. 

Shakyamuni Buddha is not mentioned at all and Nichiren Daishonin is mentioned once, for example, in SGI's document for public consumption in Brazil Are they embarrassed by Shakyamuni Buddha and the real Nichiren? Is that why the foundation of their religion is Daisaku Ikeda's Human Revolution rather than the Lotus Sutra and writings of Nichiren Daishonin? Is that why they emphasize the questionable writings of Nichiren, those most likely authored by those with the same placater mentality?

Nichiren was correct about the nature of the Lotus Sutra in Mappo. The Rissho Kosekai, HBS, NST, Nichiren Shu, and especially the SGI is wrong. Many so-called Nichiren priests and members, possibly a majority, especially in the Nichiren Shu and in the Kempon Hokke are wrong. The way to establish the Buddha's land is to transmit the teachings exactly as laid down by Nichiren Daishonin. The Dharma, the truth of the teachings is what is important. We see how the SGI teachings on the Third Great Secret Law abject ruin. That is because the Dharma which they propagate is not the Lotus Sutra for Mappo. They are a disgrace.

Social programs too were eschewed by Nichiren Daishonin who believed in personal liberty, the ultimate responsibility of the individual, and the belief that the Buddhist gods would absolutely protect those who embrace the True Dharma. There are no exceptions. the Buddhist gods in the form of family members or rulers will protect those who are disabled. All others must fend for themselves which is as easy as spreading honey on bread for those who embrace the Right Law. The Lotus Sutra promises that none of those who embrace the True Law will want for food, clothing, and shelter. Nichiren Daishonin also promises that a great collection of believers will activate all the protective functions of the universe and the Buddha's land will manifest as the Land of Eternal Quiescent Light.

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