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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Avici Hell is populated by SGI leaders and members and by Nichiren Shoshu priests and believers.

Hitler, for example, was a master at giving the people what they wanted and then leaving them prostrate on the ground. He gave them the Autobahn, parades, camaraderie, hope for the future, and then hell. There are eight Great Hells in Buddhism. The worst is the Avici Hell, reserved for those who slander the Law. 


  1. so very strange that they would chant the daimoku that nichiren brought with him, and at the same time completely turn their backs on his enlightenment via his teachings. strange karma neh?

  2. SGI dispenses their truncated daimoku as its own *brand* of opiate. But it is close true daimoku and there are members with strong seeking spirits -- add that to the inevitable effects of SGI's slander of the Law-- and the great evil will be transformed into great good!


  3. hopefully katie. here's the A- bomb . if one would change the "one essential phrase", what else would they change? answer: everything. however, the poison drum relationship is full blown.

    so close yet so far.

    i like it when they slander me; although somewhat sad, like a fish on the line, they can run but they cannot hide. as long as one bare's the teachings in mind, it is not discouraging at all.

    since the teachings explain fully what we encounter, joy of the law can be had. yeeeehawww!

    many years ago, what i saw and what i read(the teachings), did not jive. now they do.

  4. "many years ago, what i saw and what i read(the teachings), did not jive. now they do."

    Very encouraging fresh inspiration for reading Nichiren's writings - the big picture is coming into view.