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Thursday, June 16, 2016

"I was a member."

"I was a member. People are allowed to yell at you. Use drugs and do anything they want. If a leader or someone mistreated you. You're told it is your karma. And because you chant nam-myoho-range-kyo your a Buddha...but really, can deluded people be a Buddha? I believe it is a cult..I had my relationship with my wife ruined. She was Japanese then she killed herself. Then about a year later her Japanese friend who she introduced killed herself. They taught them wrong things. Telling my wife she didn''t need to see it differently. And the people bullied her...I learned more than I was supposed to. I studied and there is no organizational structure. It is not real Buddhism. It was a waste of time. If you try to quit people will try to manipulate you mafia style not to. Like bad things will happen because you quit. I quit I am happy." 

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