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Thursday, June 30, 2016

If you read it and believe it then you know what Nichiren taught

How interesting that it is precisely those unique qualities displayed by Shakyamuni Buddha that are also uniquely suited to our needs-- as living beings in the saha world. 

"“There are three reasons why Shakyamuni Buddha rather than any of the other Buddhas has a relationship with all the people of the world of the saha world. First of all, he is the World Honored One, the soverign of all the people of this saha world…

The second reason is that Shakyamuni Buddha is the father and mother of all the persons in the saha world. It is proper that we should first of all pay filial respect to our own father and mother…

The third reason is that Shakyamuni is the original teacher of all persons in the saha world.” (Ibid, pgs 65-66)

"“These, then, are the special qualities possesed by Shakyamuni Buddha, qualities that the other Buddhas lack,” (Ibid, pg 68)

How many times did Shakyamuni demonstrate that laying down one's life for the sake of the Law- was like trading rocks for gold? Does this not distinguish his teaching/practices from all other Buddhas? Didn't ALL other Buddhas show him the highest respect with their presence and praise when Shakyamuni preached the Lotus Sutra? IF all Buddhas, including Shakyamuni were emanations of some "other" primordial, divine entity, their testimony to Shakyamuni's eminence would have been inappropriate - false, and slander of this *other entity*--

It is this one Buddha, Shakyamuni who used the Wonderful Law that he became enlightened to, for the specific purpose of rescuing and protecting ALL living beings in the saha world-- having made this world his domain and adopting us all as his children.

In my humble opinion if we miss, discount the significance of the One Buddha, the Eternal Buddha Shakyamuni , we cannot attain Buddhahood. I think Mark has once again demonstrated that Nichiren spared no effort to teach this "second most important Doctrine" -- We have Nichiren's writings and the full account of his life- his * bodily reading of the Lotus sutra".

Only if we practice as Nichiren did can we become fully enlightened to this wonderful Law-- the true entity of all phenomena-- Until then, all discussions absent Myoho-renge-Kyo-- are idle chatter. 

In my humble opinion"



  1. the following is from kanjin no honzon sho: noppa page 151-152, showa teihon page 712- it is the answer to question 21 in the document.
    ..."the lord who preached this teaching is Shakyamuni Buddha who attained enlightenment for the first time in this world under the bodhi tree in Buddhagaya.".......
    and four paragraphs later:
    the Lord who preaches here is the Eternal Buddha, not Shakyamuni Buddha who attained buddhahood for the first time in this world. Accordingly what is preached here is different from what was preached previously as clearly as heaven and earth.".....

  2. Excellent. Then who represents the Manifestation and Reward Bodies of the Eternal Buddha? Who is the identity of the Three Bodied Tathagata?

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  4. The passages are from "The Opening Of The Eyes"-

    "But the Buddha, our great teacher, has advanced beyond even transmigration with change and advance, let alone transmigration with differences and limitations. He has wiped out even the very root of fundamental darkness, let lone the illusions of thought and desire that are as minor as branches and leaves."

    "The Buddha, from the time of his enlightenment at the age of thirty until his passing at the age of eighty, expounded his sacred teachings for a period of fifty years. Each word, each phrase he spoke is true, not a sentence, not a verse is false. The words of the sages and worthy preserved in the scriptures and teachings of Confucianism and Brahmanism, as we have noted, are free of error, and the words match the spirit in which they were spoken. But how much more true is this in the case of the Buddha, who had spoken not a false word for countless kalpasI In comparison to the non-Buddhist scriptures and teachings, the doctrines that he expounded in a period of fifty or so years represent the great vehicle, the true words of the great man, Everything that he preached, from the dawn of his enlightenment until the evening that he entered into nirvana , is none other than the truth."

    "Shakyamuni Buddha appeared in the saha world, Kumarajiva journeyed to the Ch'in dynasty in China, and Dengyo likewise went to China [all for the sake of the Lotus Sutra]. Aryadeva and Aryasimba sacrificed their bodies. Bodhisattva Medicine King burned his arms as an offering, and Prince Jogu stripped off the skin on his hand [an copied the sutra on it]. Shakyamuni, when he was a bodhisattva, sold his flesh to make offerings, and another time, when he was a bodhisattva named the ascetic Aspiration for the Law, he used one of his bones as a pen[to write down the Buddha's teaching].

    "T'ien-t'ai has said that 'the method chosen should be that which accords with the time.' The propagation of the Buddhist teachings should follow the time. For what I have done, I have been condemned to exile, but it is a small suffering to undergo in this present life and not one worth lamenting. In future lives I will enjoy immense happiness, a thought that gives me great joy."

    Judging from Nichiren's writings, he described Shakyamuni on a continuum of cause and effect, so that the *one constant thought* [how can I cause all living beings to attain the Buddha way?] manifests as all of the Buddha's forms and practices culminating in the "Life Span" chapter of the Lotus Sutra. Thus Nichiren writes;
    " In the entire land of Jambudvipa, there has never before been a hall or pagoda that produced the image of Shakyamuni Buddha of the "Life Span" chapter of the Lotus Sutra. How could such an image fail to appear now?" ("The Unmatched Blessings of the Law")

    In my humble opinion, ALL painted and carved images of Shakyamuni, including the Gohonzon are The Eternal Buddha, Shakyamuni. The difficulty we have understanding this is that we have not yet attained Buddhahood; and therefore cannot directly perceive the True Entity, Myoho-renge -kyo; it can only be "shared between Buddhas". Thus our faith in the Law, chanting Namu-myoho-renge-kyo, propagating it and protecting it are the means for us to attain perfect enlightenment and Nichiren is the example we should follow. How could anyone who follows Nichiren doubt that honoring Shakyamuni - all of his forms and practices, is the most basic and most important element of Buddhism- Shakyamuni is the Treasure of the Buddha, the teaching, the Law and the Gohonzon is the "image of Shakyamnui of the "Life Span chapter" of the Lotus Sutra.


  5. viewed from the perspective of the lotus sutra......looking down, everything the buddha taught is true. looking up, toward the lotus sutra it is not the complete truth.

    regarding shakyamuni; not until the last half of the 15th chapter did he reveal his true identity. hossaku kempon.

    only the eternal buddha teaches the essence of the lotus sutra.

    1. "only the eternal buddha teaches the essence of the lotus sutra."

      How true! But who in this saha world would have believed him if he had not been present in this world for 40 years,teaching & preparing disciples?

      Aren't all of Shakyamuni's forms, teachings and practices throughout countless kalpas manifestations of the Eternal Buddha?

      or did Shakyamuni BECOME the Eternal Buddha only after he opened the way for people of the two vehicles, evil people & women to attain Buddhahood-?- only after *they* actually attained Buddhahood in the presence of the assembly at Eagle Peak??

      I have not noticed this *identity* confusion issue to be a concern of Nichiren's. He makes no mention of it when he writes to Shijo Kingo to instruct him on consecrating the image Shijo carved of Shakyamuni-- and this was after Nichiren had bestowed Gohonzon for Shijo, one of his most treasured disciples.

      Where is Nichiren's concern for drawing a clear distinction between Shakyamuni attaining enlightenment at the age of 30 and Shakyamuni of the *life Span" chapter, demonstrated in his major writings? Nichiren produced the *image* of Shakyamuni of the "Life Span" chapter, when he inscribed the mandara, honzon :"Rely on the Law, not upon persons"-- yet, not once does Nichiren discard or demote the Buddha Shakyamuni, whose golden words we must rely upon.

      On the contrary, Nichiren reminds us continually that the special connection Shakyamuni has to this saha world is his appearance in this world; his behavior as a human being. And isn't it Shakyamuni's behavior as a human being that Nichiren emulated- never begrudging his life for the sake of the Law?

      This is my humble opinion- based on my faith. I believe exactly what Nichiren has written- after his exile to Sado, he revealed the complete truth from his own enlightenment. Thus, when he writes in "The Opening Of The Eyes"

      "represent the great vehicle, the true words of the great man, Everything that he preached, from the dawn of his enlightenment until the evening that he[Shakyamuni] entered into nirvana , is none other than the truth."

      I hear the name of The Eternal Buddha - I know he is referring to Shakyamuni. What other information is useful??


    2. "Myoho renge kyo " !!!

      These are the golden words of Shakyamnui - are they not??


    3. "Then who represents the Manifestation and Reward Bodies of the Eternal Buddha? Who is the identity of the Three Bodied Tathagata?

      No doubt Shakyamuni and Nichiren

      "This is a mountainous place, remote from all human habitation. Not a single village is found in any direction.

      Although I live in such a forsaken place, deep in this mortal flesh I preserve the ultimate secret Law inherited from Shakyamuni Buddha, the lord of teachings, at Eagle Peak.

      My heart is where all Buddhas enter nirvana; my tongue, where they turn the wheel of the Law; my throat, where they are born into this world; and my mouth, where they attain enlightenment.

      Because this mountain is where this wondrous votary of the Lotus Sutra dwells, how can it be any less sacred than the pure land of Eagle Peak?

      This is what [The Words and Phrases of the Lotus Sutra means when] it says, “Since the Law is wonderful, the person is worthy of respect; since the person is worthy of respect, the land is sacred.”

      The “Supernatural Powers” chapter reads, “Whether in a forest, beneath a tree, in monks’ quarters . . . in such places have the Buddhas entered nirvana.”

      Those who visit this place can instantly expiate the offenses they have accumulated since the infinite past and transform their evils deriving from the three types of action into the three virtues.

      A suffering traveller in central India once came to Heat-Free Lake to quench the fires of anguish in his heart. He proclaimed that he could fulfil his desire, “as a clear cool pond can satisfy all those who are thirsty.”

      Although Heat-Free Lake and this place are different, the principle is exactly the same.

      Thus, Eagle Peak of India is now here at Mount Minobu in Japan. It has been a long time since you were last here. You should come to see me as soon as you possibly can. I am looking forward eagerly to seeing you.

      How can I describe your sincerity? In truth, it is splendid! - The Person and the Law

    4. Thank you, Noel !

      This passage clearly explains my experience here, on *virtual* Eagle Peak.

      With deep appreciation.

  6. nichiren was not concerned with the preparatory or the expedient teachings. nor was he overly concerned with the theoretical section of the lotus sutra. why?, because those could only help those in the former and middle day. irrelevant to the latter day. nichirens teacher was the eternal buddha who first made his appearance in the second half of the 15th chapter.

    kanjin honzon sho - noppa pg 152.
    "compared to this eternal buddha and his teaching preached in the essential section, those preached in the theoretical section,the pre lotus sutra, the sutra of infinite meaning, and the nirvana sutra, namely, all the sutras preached prior to, at the same time as, and after the lotus sutra, are easy to believe in and understand. it is because they are provisional teachings adjusted to meet the faith and comprehension of the unenlightened while what is preached in the essential section transcends them all and is difficult to believe in and comprehend because it adheres to the true intent of shakyamuni buddha."

    "compared to the "one and two halves chapters" of the lotus sutra(the sixteenth , the second half of the proceeding chapter and the first half of the following chapter) which comprises the main discourse according this division, all other sutras may be called hinayana teachings, false teachings, teachings that do not lead to buddhahood, or teachings in which the truth is not revealed. those who listen to these expedient teachings have little virtue and much illusion; they are immature in thinking, poor in heart, and solitary; like birds and beasts, they do not know the existence of the eternal buddha, who is their father.

    bottom clinging to pre lotus sutra teachings.

  7. truth: all the major sects - the shu, the shoshit and the sgi cling heavily to the pre lotus sutra teachings. you to tsuchiya.

  8. greg, what do you mean by clinging to "pre-lotus sutra teachings?"

    I am only pointing out that Nichiren shows there is consistency throughout all of Shakyamuni's appearances in this world, that this one Buddha is worthy of the highest respect. Shakyamuni himself declared the Lotus sutra was his highest teaching, and the ultimate truth. I would contend that Nichiren's writings, which begin with his propagating Myoho-renge-kyo as the practice of the Lotus Sutra in the Latter Day, are testimonies to his premise that Shakyamuni is the foremost Buddha for living beings in the saha world.

    Do you agree that Nichiren's praise for Shakyamuni is not limited to his preaching the Lotus Sutra? In fact, the single most devastating error that Nichiren claimed was responsible for the miserable condition of the Japanese people was that the eminent Buddhist priests of his time had *abandoned* Shakyamuni.

    I see the confusion regarding the historical vs. the eternal Buddha as devilsh functions from the minds of common mortals. I say this because I do not read this *confusion* in Nichiren's own writings--. It should also be noted that this confusion along with speculation regarding even Nichiren's true identity is the root of the evil that is propagated by SGI/NST.

    As a woman who practices faith in Nichiren's Lotus Sutra Buddhism,with deep gratitude , I view the *problem* as the result of cowardice with regard to *practicing as Nichiren taught*. All of the seemingly deep and profound commentaries on hidden meanings, secret transmissions and revelations of the mind regarding the Original Buddha's identity, which includes speculations about Shakyamuni's dual identities , are merely rationalizations that served to protect certain disciples of Nichiren from undergoing persecution themselves after Nichiren's passing. These rationalizations manifested in forgeries and fabrications -- And, ultimately because none of these arrogant, cowardly priests were aspiring to attain Buddhahood, they became even more decadent. Why? Because they had a very cozy relationship with their *new* parent, the king devil of the sixth heaven.

    Note: Nichiren includes Shakyamuni in the examples of Great Teachers who valued the Law above their own lives:

    " Shakyamuni, when he was a bodhisattva, sold his flesh to make offerings, and another time, when he was a bodhisattva named the ascetic Aspiration for the Law, he used one of his bones as a pen[to write down the Buddha's teaching].

    "T'ien-t'ai has said that 'the method chosen should be that which accords with the time.' The propagation of the Buddhist teachings should follow the time. For what I have done, I have been condemned to exile, but it is a small suffering to undergo in this present life and not one worth lamenting. In future lives I will enjoy immense happiness, a thought that gives me great joy."

    If our direct relationship to Nichiren and Shakyamuni as *human beings* is dismissed, the division between us fosters reluctance to emulate their behavior as human beings. It is as though the concept of *worship* is reserved for *other worldly* beings-- which, ironically obliterates the main point of the Lotus Sutra; our potential for sharing *equally* in the attainment of Buddhahood.

    My humble opinion~
    I am not a Buddhist scholar, just ~
    ~a woman who is devoted to following Nichiren~

    1. katie, yes you are. this is not a criticism of you. you add much and thanks for your input. this is simply my input on the matter. i learn all the time and i do make mistakes. i think this is how it should be. i have learned from mark and i have learned from you. you are not the enemy , nor am i.

      the provisional teachings are taught in preparation for the complete truth(historical shak), the eternal buddha makes his appearance and teaches the lotus sutra, nichiren makes his appearance in the latter age to disseminate . who knows.....maybe they are all the same person. maybe not. maybe it is a natural function of life. whatever, but the function goes on.

      if i have confused you...........please forgive me. cheers.

    2. Thanks Greg :-)

      I have been confused for over a decade regarding the "the shu, the shoshit and the sgi" - Directly engaging SGI/NST members invariably evokes personal attacks, they are, imo, coming from a place of superiority, full of condescension and other very obvious *un-enlightened* behavior.

      Call them out on that and the party is on-- site or quote from Nichiren's Major Writings and Lotus Sutra and they will claim you have misunderstood, lack faith, etc. Even after I obtained my own copy of "The Record of Orally Transmitted Teachings", I could not hone my arguments-- . I could not sustain the attention required to read it!-Was it the note takers style or me?

      Well, as it turns out SGI'NST's *Bible* is the Ogni Kuden. I am now confused as to why they are nonplussed and ultimately unfazed by the blatant discrepancies between the ogni kudon and the larger body of Nichiren's writings.

      Mark's recent re-posting on the infamous ogni kudon struck a chord for me. Bears noting the application here of this axiom: "Errors in the premise appear throughout the conclusions "

      Since the "three treasures" are the basic elements of Buddhism-- this is a good place to start looking for their errors.

      Quoting form Mark's post:

      " the Jewel of the Buddha and the Secret Law of the Object of Worship is Shakyamuni Buddha of the Juryo Chapter of the Lotus Sutra.
      The Jewel and Secret Law of the Law is Namu Myoho renge kyo.
      The Jewel of the Sangha are the disciples and believers of Nichiren Daishonin
      while the secret Law of the Sanctuary is wherever the Law is preached and wherever the Eternal Buddha resides. "

      The Ongi Kuden teaches
      that Nichiren and his disciples correspond to the entirety of the Three Jewels.
      This is equivalent to the Tibetian Vajrayana teachings that the Lama encompasses the Three Jewels.
      The Ongi Kuden is mistaken, Taisekeji is mistaken. Is there any wonder that Daisaku Ikeda and the High Priests of Taisekaji
      would have made their advent in the SGI and the Nichiren Shoshu, these "Lamas" of Nichiren Lotus Sutra Buddhism"

      I try to remember that you and Mark are veterans at shakubuku and have been refuting the errors of these three heretical sects for years, from a very strong foundation in both the history of these sects and the correlation to the slanderous schools of Nichiren's time. I am reassured by the practice here of going straight to the teachings to clear up anyone's confusion--, and deeply appreciate the willingness to struggle to dispel doubt, and eradicate disbelief, which permeates this site... and no matter what--

      "the function goes on"- exactly as you state.


    3. the good news here is that there is one more person who can see that something is amiss(you). most people cannot hang. the teachings - only the amount of dirt one can collect under one finger will have correct faith. - L S. rare indeed.

      "call them out....." - "hatred and jealousy will abound" -L S.

      "i could not sustain....." - your life naturally rejects it. your buddha nature is repulsed.

      "why they are nonplussed....." because as ten tai and nichiren concurred(my words) - if the faith and practice is corrupt, rather than lead to enlightenment, it will only produce a deeper delusion. the sgi/nst arrogance(ikeda) is a deeper delusion. its similar to driving drunk on the freeway. they think that nichiren is talking about someone else, when in fact, nichiren is talking directly to them - the parasites in the lions bowels.

      yes, the three jewels/treasures. sgi/nst have turned buddhism on its head. they are incorrect about most everything. although our entire planet slanders the law, the sects themselves are the greatest evil.

      bottom line, what the buddha and his emissary taught was that if one can take faith and strive to uphold the lotus sutra, ones neg karma changes immediately and one travels the direct path to buddhahood. what the sects take faith in is not the lotus sutra, it is something else.

      what mark does and has been doing for some years is outstanding. all i can do is support the correct teachings and maybe deflect some of the shit he takes, and believe me, there's been plenty. frankly, sometimes it gets a bit discouraging but nichiren teaches; "don't permit yourself to have doubts". I've also had some amazing experiences, one that are difficult to write or even talk about. this is because they are not ordinary common mortal experiences. even the far out stuff that nichiren speaks of is true.

      look at the causes being made(by you), awesome!

      we are on the right side of the is struggle. if the buddha and nichiren were right about the negative stuff, they must also be right about the positive stuff.

      "being a votary of the lotus sutra is a bitter yet unavoidable destiny".

      for your consideration. cheers!


    4. “If anyone sees a person who accepts and upholds this sutra and tries to expose the faults or evils of that person, whether what he speaks is true or not, he will in his present existence be afflicted with white leprosy.

      If anyone disparages or laughs at that person, then in existence after existence he will have teeth that are missing or spaced far apart, ugly lips, a flat nose, hands and feet that are gnarled or deformed, and eyes that are squinty.

      His body will have a foul odour, with evil sores that run pus and blood, and he will suffer from water in the belly, shortness of breath, and other severe and malignant illnesses.

      Therefore, Universal Worthy, if you see a person who accepts and upholds this sutra, you should rise and greet him from afar, showing him the same respect you would a buddha.”

      Bodhisattva Universal Worthy

      We can all be walking on thin ice at times

    5. “If anyone sees a person who accepts and upholds this sutra and tries to expose the faults or evils of that person, whether what he speaks is true or not, he will in his present existence be afflicted with white leprosy. "

      Since we aren't actually meeting each other face to face on the internet, we can only assess "accepts and upholds this sutra" based on the words written in posts and comments.

      Do the words, opinions, commentaries conform to the sutra and Nichiren's authentic writings? That is, as Nichiren taught, the purpose of debate.

      Seeking to clarify our own understanding and learning from others, based on the teachings of Nichiren, is the purpose of Eagle Peak. This is exactly what is lacking in the major Nichiren sects today, which is why the matter is of a crucial nature, and should not be avoided based on fear, in my humble opinion.


    6. 'if anyone sees a person.......". the key here is "accepts and upholds". many may claim to be a buddhist, many may chant the daimoku, but really, very few accept and uphold. as nichiren teaches ..... if it goes against the intent of the sutra it is not the prayer of myoho renge kyo.

    7. "Suffer what there is to suffer, enjoy what there is to enjoy.

      Regard both suffering and joy as facts of life and continue chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, no matter what happens.

      Then you will experience boundless joy from the Law. Strengthen your faith more than ever."

      Happiness in this World

      "Although I and my disciples may encounter various difficulties, if we do not harbor doubt in our hearts, we will as a matter of course attain Buddhahood.

      Do not have doubts simply because Heaven does not lend you protection. Do not be discouraged because you do not enjoy an easy and secure existence in this life.

      This is what I have taught my disciples morning and evening, and yet they begin to harbor doubts and abandon their faith. Foolish men are likely to forget the promises they have made when the crucial moment comes." - “The Opening of the Eyes”

  9. no object of worship (statue/gohonzon) can have its eyes opened absent the lotus sutra and correct faith in it.

    long story short , this is why the sgi/nst cannot understand whats is in black and white. too bad/too sad.

    what say you dirham in the headlights?

  10. Still learning. However, I'm certain we have it more right than wrong.