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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The SGI teaching, "on seeking guidance" is a form of infantilism

I am amazed how many intelligent and accomplished people in SGI seek guidance from uneducated and untrained SGI leaders, particularly from top Japanese senior leaders whose only claim to knowledge and wisdom is their position in the organization. The SGI teaching, "on seeking guidance" is a form of infantilism, people seeking relief from taking responsibility and decision making. They absolve themselves of their responsibility by resorting to a higher power or authority, a so-called SGI senior leader. Please note that this is not Buddhism which teaches: Follow the Law and not persons; be a lamp unto yourself; the Gohonzon is the teacher of all Buddhas; and taking full responsibility for our weal and woe. 

Never did I hear of a Buddha (which the SGI claims for their members) seeking guidance from another Buddha. The Gohonzon, not your senior leader, is the teacher of all Buddhas. Apparently, in the SGI, there are buddhas and there are BUDDHAS.


  1. I think special note needs to be taken of the guidance that is thrust upon members-- the home visits that are required; the unmitigated gall of leaders whom a member IS not seeking out for guidance; the same leaders some members try to avoid like the plague.

    Guidance is NOT an option-- it is mandatory!


  2. What kind of non-Buddhism is that? Ikedaism.