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Friday, June 10, 2016

Yo Dirham...Nichiren Shoshu theology is based on internal forgeries

"This transmission is the oral transmission from Nichiren to one legitimate disciple, the secret transmission entrusted to only one person." "Ubuyo Sojo Ji" [Transmission Concerning the First Bath], Shinpen, p. 1710.

"The successive Shonin are all, without exception, Nichiren." (Nichiren Daishonin, "Seven Teachings on the Gohonzon Transmitted from Master to Disciple", Fuji Shugaku Yoshu, vol. 1, p. 32; Nichiren Shoshu Seiten, p. 379)

"[The documents of] this Heritage [of the school of the Essential Teachings of the Lotus Sutra] and [the documents of] the essential matters of the Gohonzon are documents of the Transmission of the Law from Nichiren to the successive masters in the seat of the Law. They concern the Transmission bestowed [on Bodhisattva Jogyo] at the Treasure Tower, the Transmission of the Heritage of the law exclusively from one to the next." -- On the True Cause

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