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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Children with trays with envelopes [This cult video is now "private"]

Re: Soka Gakkai International -- SGI
Posted by: Hitch ()
Date: January 09, 2013 03:56AM

Junior Pioneers / "YOUTH!" / "The Future Division." Let's pull the curtain back a bit and take a look at how it all works. 

For those unfamiliar with how the brainwashing (thought reform) begins for those born into the practice ("mis"-fortune babies), the following clip is a good introduction to one aspect of the process. 

Gongyo has now of course been mercifully shortened, from a full 5 long prayers in the morning with long daimoku sessions pre- and post-, to a one time thru (a) and (c) only (no (b), long section) (Sorry for the cult-speak, but members will know what I mean here). The post-gongyo daimoku would commonly go for ~ 30 - 45 minutes, with the entire process taking well over an hour, when I was in. This is a clip of the entire process, now shortened and completed in less than 15 minutes. (The longer process was causing member loss and decreased participation.) 

All ages of "YOUTH!" division present, but this gongyo training session appears to be focused specifically on the YWD. They are training the little girl, in her Sunday best, to "lead" gongyo; mommy is there to help and always close by the entire time to ring the bell. Interesting tidbits throughout the clip: watch the cult mother at the very beginning rudely moving a YWD out of the seat next to her daughter so *she* can sit there, notice the girl in boots (holes in the jeans at the knees, legs crossed - OH! THE HORROR!! during gongyo) is lost once gongyo begins (nobody helps her), the girl next to her ignoring her the entire time, the girl in the Indian dress on the other side bored out of her mind most of the time, and the loud mouthed support girl yelling gongyo into the microphone almost off screen to the right. The YMD media man helping with the microphone and chairs, etc.. 

It's all pretty much exactly the same as I remember it all. Now for the most interesting part: 

At the 2:00 min. and 12:20 min. marks, you get to see the "Byakuren" (female version of Soka-han, inside meeting venues) offering and removing trays with envelopes laid out on them. Those envelopes are called "*Gokuyo" (offerings to the cult org.) and contain $$$$$ that members "voluntarily" "offer" at tables set up at the entrances to cult buildings/kaikans. How appropriate that they sansho and bow before taking (errr, I mean "offering") them (to the manufactured gohonzon of course). Everything they do and every step they take is choreographed and trained: the signal to step onto the stage, exactly where and how to stand, how to sansho, how deeply to bow, picking up and carrying the trays in unison, stepping forwards and backwards together, holding the tray at a certain very specific height, etc. - everything (notice how they all are taking their cues from the dark haired asian byakuren standing next to the blonde on the left side - she's the mini-Hitler of the group). 

This is how the kids are trained and brainwashed to become future cult org. "leaders" themselves, someday. Some will reject it and manage to walk away, but others may not be able to (due to the psychological manipulation by the cult org., it's "leaders" and, most unfortunately in some cases, the fundamentalism/ignorance/brainwashing of a hardcore gakkai parent or parents). 

[] Training the "YOUTH!" (young, naive, impressionable and trusting minds) in superstition and ritual, with the ultimate goal of shackling them to the cult org./The Dear Leader and the hope that they themselves shall one day do the same to others (shakubuku), including their own children. 

(*Gokuyo is invariably given with the understood expectation that it is a "good cause" and ultimately creating great "fortune" for yourself, your family and your future, even more so than for the cult org. itself. If you blink, you might miss the "Gokuyo" "offerings", but they are THE MOST IMPORTANT thing going on in this clip, for the cult org.. Everything else, is just window dressing and part of the show.) - Hitch

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