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Monday, July 4, 2016

On giving SGI the boot

"A year ago from this month, (middle of the month- can't remember the exact date) I did my final "free month" of SGI when I had the displeasure of meeting the national YWD Leader Vinessa Shaw. The arrogance of SGI and these women who haughtily came from somewhere USA to espouse guidance to the young women of my town was the biggest eye opener of my entire experience with SGI. They were so disrespectful towards all of those who had volunteered to do "free work" on their behalf. They had no time to even make eye contact much less light conversation. I lost an entire weekend putting up with their shenanigans and that's when I decided to fully divorce myself from SGI. So I will be celebrating a full year since I left SGI. The greatest joy from such an unpleasurable experience came when I found out that 3 members, one you could call a fortune baby who had just given birth to a child and going through issues of her own had given SGI the boot." -- KR


  1. send me a message and I will send pictures and update. We miss you mark.