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Sunday, August 7, 2016

More analysis of the SGI

Cheap uses for lack of accountability abound, but there is only one explanation that accords with Nichiren's teachings based on the Lotus Sutra. SGI is based on the arbitrary opinions of those who completely disregarded Nichiren and consequently, discarded both Shakyamuni and the Lotus Sutra. Their minds are so warped and twisted for having made these causes, that they cannot tell right from wrong, truth from lie, good from evil. SGI USA leaders have resorted to all out efforts to *protect* their material gain, their undeserved status. It is solely through these dispicible actions they *protect* the members from knowing the truth of their transgressions.

Nichiren did successfully refute all to the schools upon which SGI now bases it's teachings. Nichiren did correctly predict the ruination of those who persecuted him and distorted the teachings of the Buddha for their own personal gain. Nichiren taught that it was due to the appearance of *the votary of the Lotus Sutra* that the Buddha's golden words were proven true beyond a single doubt. 

What great benefits are flowing into the lives of Ikedabots these days? Check out the Q&A segment near the end of the *live streaming of the Gosho Lecture on "Persecutions Befalling the Sage"-- posted just a few days ago. The senior MD leader claims "There was a mechanic right there at the gas station -ready and able (for his usual fee) to repair my leaking gas tank"-- and the YMD who flubbed his way through his part of the presentation of the Gosho talked about the *rags to troches* story of the SGI benefactor, the owner of the beautiful estate where the YMD enjoyed a wonderful camping experience, uniting with *their mentor*. Here are a few more I heard here in Boston:

MD Chapter chief: "I donated my own money for the benefit of the YMD picnic-- chanting to *give freely* and not begrudge the contribution. Almost immediately after the event, I encountered an on-line *tip* for remortgaging my home."

WD Region Leader :" Two more members of my family received Gohonzon, and though they are surrounded by *bad influences* I am personally making sure they attend meetings and get benefits"

35 year member, former WD District leader :"I just competed the training and received my certificate to teach yoga. I know practicing yoga does not lead to enlightenment, but it is a means to earn money and help myself and others improve their health - *win/win*."

WD Zone leader :"I gave my experience of past financial gain for my consistent financial contributions to the SGI. MY *dream* victorian home became available. I will *shakubuku* every one of my neighbors with this experience."

MD Zone Leader: "I don't have obstacles, everything goes pretty smoothly in my life- benefits I receive for building the *SGI* organization in Boston."

Tariq Hassan held a special meeting in Boston ~2010-- by popular request from *long time* members who were becoming discouraged because their benefits were now pale in comparison to those they received in the *early days of their practice*. Tariq's guidance :"You need to set specific goals. Write them down, put them on your altar. Take actions based on *your daimoku* everyday until you achieve them."

So what does a National SGI Leader share with members who are seeking to understand the purpose of their practice? A secular formula for success-- Tony Robbins is superior to Nichiren, according to Tariq.

SGI leaders will all come to ruin--- how many *unwitting members* can be spared from their fate??" Katie

Another astute individual wrote:

"I just came across an experience in the 10/23/09 issue of the World Tribune that is so ridiculous that I have to post about it. It's by a woman in California talking about how she and her daughter, named Destiny, overcame their problems through chanting and reading Ikeda's guidance. Towards the end of the article it reads:" 

"I wish that I could hug President Ikeda and thank him for the difficulties he endured so that people like me can transform their lives and find happiness amid darkness. Destiny, now 4, chants with me every morning and evening, and asks to attend meetings every day. She has me start out the morning by reading out loud her favorite piece of President Ikeda's guidance. She asked me to frame it and put it on the wall next to our altar, which I did. He writes: 'Prayer is the courage to persevere. It is the struggle to overcome our own weakness and lack of confidence in ourselves. It is the act of impressing in the very depths of our being the conviction that we can change the situation without fail. Prayer is the way to destroy all fear. It is the way to banish sorrow, the way to light a torch of hope. It is the revolution that rewrites the scenario of our destiny.'" 

Did you catch that her daughter is 4 years old? Four! Asking me to believe that your four-year-old wants to go to an SGI meeting every day is one thing, but asking me to believe that she even remotely understands that bit of guidance is insulting to my intelligence." -- SGBye

I noted:

"Dr. Kawada [SGI Vice President] treated fourteen people with stage four cancer. Some were not even SGI members. Their doctors had given up on all of them. One even had to be brought in on a stretcher. All fourteen people joined the SGI. They all learned to chant following this guidance of using the right side of their brain to project an image of no cancer in their bodies. In the U.S., last-stage cancer patients are encouraged to draw a white cell eating a cancer cell. Though this has been shown to help, practicing Buddhism has an even bigger impact. In two months the person on the stretcher overcame their cancer. Then his doctor joined. Eventually all fourteen overcame their cancer." --SGI leader's gudance

Then why didn't top SGI leaders Shin Yatomi and Pascal Oliveira overcome their Stage IV cancers?


Regarding those conceited men and women who think that somehow, without their guidance, the Daimoku and Gohonzon is insufficient  to attain Buddhahood...They can talk your ear off, are often quite charming, but they are inveterate liars. They always have some experience about Sensei, how they overcame mesothelioma, otitis media*, or Bell's palsy**, by seeking and following Sensei.

*Actual SGI experience overcoming common ear infection. Another rediculous experience i encontered

** "I overcame Bell's Palsy in three weeks, not nine months as predicted by my doctors. The Nichikan Gohonzon works!!!" -- Richard SGI member

You must have some unlearned doctors Richard. Most people overcome their Bell's Palsy in a week or two. Jerry "Shinkei" Marcheso, while an independent, overcame brain cancer through a correct faith. SGI picks up on utter ordinariness and makes a big deal of it because there are so few extraordinary benefits in the Soka Gakkai [save, of course, for dear leader's 300 +  bought or cajoled honors and awards from secular fools].

Anyway, Nichiren Daishonin taught that even such "miracles" as overcoming brain cancer, let alone Bell's Palsy, pales in significance to faithfully practicing as the Lotus Sutra teaches, an impossibility for SGI members.

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