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Sunday, September 11, 2016

More SGi "niceties" in response to two posted Gosho passages

“Now , when the Eternal Buddha was revealed in the essential section of the Lotus Sutra, this world of endurance (Saha-world) became the Eternal Pure Land, indestructible even by the three calamities of conflagration, flooding, and strong winds, which are said to destroy the world. It transcends the four periods of cosmic change: the kalpa of construction, continuance, destruction and emptiness. Sakyamuni Buddha, the Lord-preacher of this pure land, has never died in the past, nor will He be born in the future. He exists forever throughout the past present and future. All those who receive His GUIDANCE are one with this Eternal Buddha.” -- The True Object of Worship

“Since Sakyamuni Buddha is eternal and all other Buddhas in the universe are his manifestations, then those great bodhisattvas converted by manifested Buddhas are also disciples of Lord Sakyamuni Buddha. If the “Life Span of the Buddha” chapter had not been expounded, it would be like the sky without the sun and moon, a country without a king, mountains and rivers without gems, or a man without a soul. nevertheless, seemingly knowledgeable men of such provisional schools of Buddhism as Ch’eng-kuan of the Hua-yen, Chia-hsiang of the San-lun, Tz’u-en of the Fa-hsiang, and Kobo of the shingon tried to extoltheir own canons by stating: “The Lord of the Flower Garland Sutra represents the reward-body (hojin) of the Buddha wheras that of the Lotus Sutra the accomodative body (ojin);” or “the Buddha in the sixteenth chapter of the Lotus is an Illusion; it is the great Sun Buddha who is enlightened.” clouds cover the moon and slanderers hide wise men. When people slander, ordinary yellow rocks appear to be of gold and slanderers seem to be wise. Scholars in this age of decay, blinded by slanderous words, do not see the value of a gold in the “Lifespan of the Buddha” chapter. Even among men of the Tendai school some are fooled into taking a yellow rock for gold. They should know that if Sakyamuni had not been the Eternal Buddha, there could not have been so many who received GUIDANCE from Him.” -- The Opening of the Eyes

  • Damn I thought this was the one with the statues in it. I only like statues
  • Written by L about 3 days ago.
    It’s interesting how Mark cannot escape from his Puritanical conditioning. I.E. the ultimate truth of Buddhism is that there is an eternal messiah / God?!
  • Written by Mark Rogow about 3 days ago.
    Sorry you guys hate the real Nichiren. Now go watch some Ikeda videos.
  • Written by L about 3 days ago.
    And of course you do know the “real Nichiren”! That’s why you are a member of a fringe sect. Makes sense.
  • Written by Mark Rogow about 3 days ago.
    We do know the real Nichiren. We live the Sutra. SGI quantity versus quality criteria for a true sect isn’t Buddhism and certainly, SGI isn’t Lotrus Sutra Buddhism since elements of Shingon and Zen permeate the SGI faith and practice. SGI is an abomination of Nichiren’s teachings. Now go read the Human Revolution and watch an Ikeda video marathon.
  • Written by L about 2 days ago.
  • Written by Mark Rogow about 2 days ago.
    Ahem, indeed.

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