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Sunday, October 30, 2016

I caught the Nichiren Shoshu in yet another lie

"But in their hearts they wield a sword of distorted views, hastening here and there among their patrons and filling them with countless lies so as to keep them away from other priests or nuns." -- Nichiren

I caught the Nichiren Shoshu priests in yet another lie

>It still took days of traveling for the Daishonin and the group with
> Him to arrive at the Ikegami residence in Musashi Province traveling
> slowly with Him by horseback or in a horse drawn cart due to His
> critically ill condition. They arrived there at Ikegami on Sept 19th,
> 1282 where He wrote a report of His trip to send to Hakiri Sanenaga in
> Minobu, dated on that same date. In the report, He related that He
> still planned to return to Mt Minobu from "taking the waters in
> Hitachi." But, at the bottom of the letter, He apologized that because
> He was ill, He was unable to even sign it with His own signature. Due
> to the long distance between Mt Minobu and the Ikegami residence
> (located on the outskirts of Edo, present-day Tokyo) and the time it
> would have taken anyone to travel from there to Mt Minobu and back, and
> the closeness of the Daishonin's imminent death, there was not enough
> time left to transport the Dai-Gohonzon there even if He had wanted It
> brought to Him. So, with all of the ability & (Jap.) ichinen that He
> had left in Him at that point, He inscribed what was His last Gohonzon 
> which was placed at His bedside that became His deathbed where
> He died on Oct 13th, 1282. End of story.

> References: "The Minobu Transfer Document," "Arrival at Ikegami," and
> "The Ikegami Transfer Document" Gosho(s) & the Background notes; WND
> Vol. II, pages 993, 994, and 996, respectively. 
> WorldPeace! }:<{0 

They forgot one reference, The Fairy Tale of The Devil King. Now thats a good one, Nichiren Daishonin was too weak to sign his document but not too weak to write a postscript and inscribe a signed Gohonzon. That is rich. Most amusing.


  1. Perhaps Dirham or a Nichiren Shoshu priest would care to respond.

  2. Please post this on ARBN, Mark. -- would love to see Alex and Julian's response there... and John Ayre's garbage pushed further down the board.

    Nothing Nichiren Shoshu reports about Nichiren's behavior near the end of his life matches the spirit Nichiren had clearly conveyed in his major writings. It's almost as though the licentious Taisekiji priests who pulled such an obvious stunt had no idea how an enlightened individual leaves this world-, meaning that they didn't have a reliable frame of reference. Such are the stupid errors made by those who abandon Shakyamuni Buddha. In my humble opinion.