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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mount Aso erupts on eve of Nichiren's death anniversary [Oct 13th, 1282]

As Russia again threatens nuclear war... you had better take seriously your refusal to chant the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra, Namu Myoho renge kyo.



    Short Clip about thyroid from japan

  2. I do not think nuclear war of any sort is survivable. The collateral damage will be too great for the continuance of life on earth. I think that people, understanding that even a limited nuclear war is not an option, is a start in stopping the nuclear war and nuclear energy madness. It is a step in the right direction of ending the terrible nuclear insanity afflicting the human race.

    Scientific American is a pronuclear power magazine that has often been a tool of the American-Military-Complex and nuclear-security state. Their editors have beenextremely pronuclear power for many years.
    The candy-cane checkout magazines "Popular Science" and "Popular Mechanics are pronucThey have always been the favorites of nerdy little American boys, who have been taught that american military technology is so cool! Its what their mommies dream of for them! So they could get good jobs in the nuclear security state, move to the suburbs, and retire well taking care of their mommies. Some of those same kids got pretty sick, working in the deadly nuclear industry. They have done little to secure a safe and future for their children and grandchildren.

    I saw an article in scientific american from the early 1980s that went into great detail about how nuclear war is survivable and maybe winnable. Made me vomit. It was from a John Poindexter or Paul Wolfowitz neocon type.

    1. I realized the magagazine article was on the tail of three mile island, movies like the China syndrome, The Day After, or Silkwood. The article was at the time when Reagan was in power and Edward Teller was part of his staff. Edward Teller was pushing the winnability of nuclear war. Edward Teller pushed the sacm of nuclear power on the world.

      The scientific american article was also at the time, when the concept of nuclear winter was widely publisized. The nutcases Dr. Strangelove still went on with the same propaganda they had used for 35 years and is now 70 years old. The article was published after Three mile island was made widely public.

      Carl Sagan had published several scientific articles about Nuclear Winter at the time. He had not talked about the possibility of nuclear reactors going explding in nuclear power plants and nuclear submarines at the time he proposed the Nuclear Winter Scenario. That is because it was a nuclear security-state issue.

      Dr. Michio Kaku talked openly about what caused the meltdowns and hydrogen explosions at Fukushima. Dr. Kaku would not talk much about the prompt criticality at Fukushima. That was probably National security pressure on Dr. kaku.

      Michio Kaku is a well-known, great nuclear physicist . Dr Kaku came out about how bad Fukushima is, when it first occurred. Michio Kaku talked a lot about the emergency power generators, being built in the basements of the the old GE mark 4 reactors at Fukushima.

      Dr. Michio Kaku , pointed out how the emergency shutdown generators used to prevent nuclear meltdowns, were flooded by the tsunami at Fukushima Daiichi. The three meltdowns, fuel-pool fires, and prompt criticality of reactor 3, were a result of loss emergency power at Fukushima

      Consider how vulnerable all the nuclear reactors in the world are to Electromagnetic pulses or emps. Grids would go down. Aging old diesel Emergency-backup generators would not work. There would be fuel pool fires, melt downs, and even prompt criticalities. The damage from.EMP to computers, electronic circuits, and large electricity grid was another piece of nuclear collateral , that was made public in the 1980s.

    2. Since Fukushima, many people now understand that all nuclear reactors are more vulnerable than most people knew. There are many websites that publish nuclear powerplant , from Nuclear Regulatory Agency publications.. Malfunctions occur in any one of 400 nuclear reactors, around the world, every week. Many of the reactors in the united stated have faulty breaker systems is a recent revelation. Nuclear reactors were never so secure from war, civil disruption, terrorism, serious-weather earthquakes sun spot releases and especially nuclear war.

      A realistic figure of deaths from the atomic age is that 1 billion according to eminent epidemiologist Dr. Rosalie Bertell and nuclear research.scientist Dr. John Gofman.

      The nuclear security states have colluded since the dawn of the atomic age to distort, hide, not account for human exposure to nuclear power, nuclear contamination, experiments, nuclear detonations, nuclear waste from uranium, reactors, medical waste contamination, and.nuclear accidents.

      There were many nuclear accidents that were under-reported or not reported since 1945. There has really been a major nuclear accident every 5 years since 1945 if one.does simple searches on the internet and pays attention to accurate historic data about the history of nuclear reactor accidents.

      Wipp, the largest nuclear suppository in the united states is collapsing and will contaminate the ogalala aquifer..

      The winnable nuclear war generals, that sit around and smell their armpits all day in the pentagon, will never admit the unwinnability of any nuclear exchange..The propaganda hit pieces from Scientific American, have never and will never, put the effects of nuclear reactors exploding and melting down as the collateral damage of nuclear war, or any war for that matter.

      It is many times worse than a few nuclear warheads going off. We now have seen Fukushima and Chernobyl, the math is there to prove it.

      Carl Sagan had published many pieces about nuclear winter at the time of the Reagan and Teller push for the winability of nuclear war. Same neocon propaganda then that we are seeing again now.

      Emp : electromagnetic pulses from nuclear bombs that would disable grids and emergency backup generators at nuclear power plants and lead to meltdowns, fuel pool fires, prompt criticalities and large amounts of nuclear debris and other debris in the atmosphere around nuclear reactors.

      Nuclear Winter. A long term event that would occur if several nuclear bombs were detonated. Could occur to a lesser extent in limited nuclear war preventing proper maintenance of existing nuclear power plants.

      Certainly one or several Spent fuel pool fires would occur in after the Flimsy Emergency Backup generators in nuclear power plants fail, in time of a nuclear war. It could and probably would occur in any one of the 400 emergency generating systems in nuclear power plants, around the world. It would occur from knocked out emergency generators, in loaded to the Gills spent Fuel Pools, around the world. It would occur in loaded the loaded to the gill fuel pools in the United States. Nuclear Fuel pools are directly adjacent to nuclear reactors in the United States. Massively over-filled Used Fuel pools are the main storage sights for high level nuclear waste storage in the United States now because there is no safe place to store it. Fuel pool fires most certainly occur where bombs are detonated anywhere in the world.

      Prompt criticality. Any number of prompt criticality reactions could occur in MOX reactors and fuel pools around the world. Any prompt criticality can exacerbate the chaos and radionuclide dispersal caused by nuclear bomb detonations.

    3. We are only beginning to understand the effects on human performance of saturated radionucleide levels in the environment. The winnable nuclear war people have hidden this for 75 years. They created the propaganda science of health physics, that promotes nuclear hormesis and other fairy tales.

      The people in power actually believe and promote the big lie that the radiation damage from and nuclear detonation only occurs from the gamma flash of radiation after a bomb goes off. They never account for the dispersal if highly toxic radionucleides. The politician, Health physicist and military people. will not talk about the insideous disabling qualities of the concentrated radionucleides that become concentrated in the proximate area or downwind of nuclear explosions and nuclear reactor meltdowns. If the radionuclide's from fuel fuel fires, nuclear detonations, multiple prompt criticalities become concentrated enough, in multiple areas nuclear workers will not be able to man nuclear power plants to monitor offline cores and nuclear rule pools, after a nuclear exchange.
      Many developed-nuclear societies are already contaminated to the hilt with radionucleides.

      WW3, involving a nuclear exchange or a limited thermonuclear exchange will not simply end the lives, of billions of humans. It will end life on earth.

      It is silly to think life will go on in the kind of radioactive hell produced from nuclear bombs and nuclear power plants going off as a result. Just silly lies and fantasy.

      We know of Fukushima. Fukushima is the equivalent of 10,000 nuclear bombs going off. Many cities intermittently read 30 times normal gamma and beta particle levels in the United States, according to Radnet and NETC according to The IAEA now openly admits that 1/3 of the worlds oceans have been contaminated by Fukushima.

      If in 2010 there there was one birth and one death every 28 seconds in Japon, beginning 2014 there was one death every 25 seconds and a birth every 31 seconds: a differential of 2 seconds per year, this seems little yet it is significantly faster than in Ukraine.

      Fukushima is much more severe, because there were 4 reactors instead of one, and the reactor 3 was using plutonium MOX, with at proximity a dense population. That is a frightening picture of what is going on in Japan since Fukushima.—baisse-sans-precedent-de-la-population-en-2013.htm

  3. So many stupid leaders. So many stupid people.

  4. avarice, anger and stupidity!

    on behalf of the japanese people, i'd like to say thanks to ikeda, and the successive high priests of the shoshit cult. oh yes, and a low five to all the idiots who support them. what say you dirham?