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Friday, December 16, 2016

Kodaira, Noguchi & Takigawa: Former Soka Gakkai headquarter staff speak out about the organization [December 8, 2016]


  1. SGI's head splitting into seven pieces.

  2. as we(eagle peak) have been saying......sgi, no ikeda for 5 years due to severe stroke. sgi has highjacked ikeda's image as the sgi has highjacked real buddhism. a little late, however, better late than never. the japanese members are idiots just like the american members. very much like the I R G. like the I R G , they attack the structural organization and forget about the way sgi slanders and misuses real buddhism. no mention of myoho, shakyamuni, nichiren or any real buddhism. however, good for them for speaking out...long, long, long overdue. sgi/nst =the ruin of the nation.

    a couple of grrrrreat posts mark, thanks.

  3. As to your Q about the video on YouTube, I did not know it until you’ve let me know and here is the link in English written by
    them (I don’t know WHO is behind them though):

    The story they are mentioning is what you listen from the interpreter guy at the Press Conference Club.

    And as you see their profiles in the blog, besides Yusuke NOGUCHI, 2/3 former paid young staff
    graduated from Soka Univ. In other words, they are probably the third generation of Soka members.
    (Probably from their grandparents’ or parents’ period, they became the members (after they were born.)

    Therefore, at least KODAIRA raised as a Sensei-World Soka member under influence of their parents.
    That’s why KODAIRA went and graduated from both Soka High School & the Univ. Then right after that
    he became a young man paid staff but finally got fired because he criticized the behaviors and money issues of upper or senior paid staff
    as well as WHY Gakkai followed the intention of LDP as to this:

    His matter is almost similar to other 2 members is what I suppose.

    The thing is that they do not know WHO the fundamental cause is and has been (Mr. Ikeda himself, his wife, and the yes-men paid staff following the Ikeda
    Including the true history of WHY Soka Kyoiku (Educatinal) Gakkai was established by Makiguchi & Mr. Toda.)

    Anyway I think it is very similar to when Shoshinkai was established by Nittatsu under the surface & the period of when GK/SGI was excommunicated by NS during 1990-1993.

    Now almost zero percent of non-GK members in Japan are interested in this kind of issue, especially as to Gakkai matter. Regular people really dislike or
    And they won’t be able to be back to their GK paid staff positions anyway.
    Furthermore, they cannot change anything about the org. and or wake up themselves until they know the true history. SOKA or SGI was nothing to do with Nichiren Buddhism from begin with.
    They have to be independent Law believers like us so they will be able to see that ii is not Ikeda was NOT the mentor, all politicians including JPN communist lawmakers were getting money from
    GK, and a part of the diplomatic issues are involved as well.

    Best Regards and Happy Holidays and New Year to all USA people

    From *******
    ---- original message ----
    Hi ******

    What is this video about, what is it saying? Supposedly former GAKKAI staff, criticizing gakkai.

    How are you? Hope things are well

  4. Thanks for your input. Best year ever for you too.