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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Katie Higgins


  1. Hi Mark,
    Thanks for letting me "come out" as a regular participant on Eagle Peak! This photo was the moniker that was required for a blog post I wrote that was also a *coming out* moment-- as the nurse turned whistleblower from Boston Children's Hospital who advocated for the human rights and release of Justina Pelletier. My husband took the photo after I had been up all night writing the blog post- and after I was informed it would not be published without a photo of me!

    I appreciated and wanted to share positive feedback I got after you posted photos of yourself, Greg, Nancy and especially Shinkei--. We all take for granted that personal contact is a challenge on the internet, but there are ways to use this venue to connect as opposed to using it as a shield to protect anonymity. My friends who have been regular visitors this site for several months shared their appreciation for your courage and openness-- that was contrasted to the SGI PR , which is all about *appearance* without substance. Also was reminded that reputable, credible internet sites require verifiable ID --.

    On another post, Greg suggested I send in a photo of myself, but friends were also hinting that I should share a photo to dispel some of the rumors that I have withered away to nothing since being booted x3 from SGI Boston :-)



  2. "This Sutra is difficult to keep;
    If there is one who keeps it even for short while,
    I shall at once rejoice
    And the Buddhas shall likewise do so' "
    ["Chapter of the Jeweled Stupa" 11 (T.9.34b)] (Shijo dono gohenji, STN, v. 1, 894).

    what a nice surprise ! thanks mark.

    a doctor, a nurse, a priest and an indian chief....who could ask for anything more?

    many people have come and gone, more than a few women. too difficult to keep ! is that a big heart i see? i believe so. why do i feel that this time it will be different?

    katie........ you fit right in. excellent !

  3. Thanks Mark and Greg-- I am hopeful that "the Buddhas" as well as those who vowed to protect the votaries of the Lotus Sutra are ALL rejoicing - "This sutra is difficult to keep..." So how unlikely that those who struggle to keep this sutra find anyone else doing the same??

    Just about the same time Mudpie disappeared over on arbn , I was thinking about him as the 5th Independent practitioner-- who just happened to be very talented in the areas of technology and media, which made me consider how amazing it would be to coordinate a teleconference/skype "mock debate"--The idea being that we could portray the position and teachings as they have been made public by SGI/NST and stage the debate even though SGI/NST will not accept Mark's debate challenge.

    What I envisioned was a video record that could be widely circulated and easily accessible for *members* and those who are seriously seeking Nichiren's teachings--. Maybe Mudpie is still around??

    I guess I do have a *big heart*, but it seemed like what people saw was *sucker* stamped across my forehead-- this was certainly the case with SGI Boston leaders -. LOL ! I am certainly stronger and even more compassionate for having been seen as a sucker by the top leaders of SGI/USA.

    I had been up all night writing a blog post about my advocacy for Justina Pelletier when my husband took this photo -- because without a photo, my blog post would not have been published. In other words, I usually avoid being photographed, but this was for a *good cause*-- to legitimize my identity as the nurse turned whistle blower from Boston Children's Hospital--. So, this is my default *legitimize*- my- identity photo.

    Thanks for making me feel at home-- such a blessing I could not have even hoped for !


    1. rare is profound - nichiren.

      i know, i repeat myself but, truth is truth.

      your experience up close, first hand, with the sgi is more recent than ours. "easy to begin...difficult to continue", this has been our experience with most people and so, it leaves one a bit suspicious. with most sgi/nst once they get close to the real teachings, it seems to bring out their karma and they go a bit insane. even the ones that are mad at the org. sgi/nst don't like me. they have threaten me with bodily harm more than once by some high up senior leaders. some i know and some i don't. i tell them...bring it on, cut my head off if you must. even more so for mark...threatening to rape his wife. all kinds of ugly things. stupidity. sgi/nst people can get really ugly. they won't debate the teachings but they have no problem hurting people. huge hypocrites. mark has been consistent for years and the volume of work he has done is outrageous. slowed down a bit recently. as it should be. everywhere that shinkei goes, he is hated. in your case as well, "to be praised by fools is a disgrace". at least now, you have some back up.

      i think mudpie will reappear soon. he just hit something that threw him.

      your photo is beautiful and it does convey.

      thanks for the share,,,,, namu myoho renge kyo !!

  4. Well, that's understandable. Your friend Fred
    threatened me as have you before, Mr. Rogow.
    That is why it probably happens to people who
    are around you, I bet.

    Katie never harmed me, but that is not to say that
    hanging out with you and your friends is a good idea.
    You guys aim judgements at other people without knowing
    what is going on. The Universe handles the effects of
    karma, not you folks, nor SGI or NST.

    I think everyone in most of the orgs
    harm others with HATE in some way.
    I personally don't need anymore HATE
    and this "dispute" has turned into
    cult-like threats, following people
    around on the internet and posting,
    as well as tire popping and trying
    to ruin other people's lives.

    I have since decided chanting is
    good, but people in it have definitely
    taken things too far and some groups
    have done this for years (taken things
    too far)!

    So, tell Katie anything I said was not
    threatening nor personal, but Katie
    should represent herself, not hang out
    with anyone who harms others or threatens
    to do so.

    Some folks have been downright mean to
    others people without all the facts, yet
    those people ask of others more than they
    themselves are willing to give out.

    It won't get better for anyone unless
    people stop all the HATE, so I suggest
    being mellow and yet correcting others
    with strictly facts, not harm, threats,
    or speculation.

    Im done because of it. It's gone beyond
    correction, kindness and compassion. It's
    been insulting, using and incorrect.

    I don't have much respect for what is
    "said" to be Buddhism these days. In
    most orgs. people are being "watchdogs"
    and purposely harming others.

    Chanting is marvelous, however, the rest
    has been more and more destructive and is
    now contradicts Buddhism as far as I
    believe, so I am out.

    It's like Christianity having a war.
    It makes no sense at all....

    1. anonymous... we can tell that you are a very holy person. we are not responsible for fred or anybody else in your life who has offended you. boo hoo ! if you would like us to feel sorry for you, we will be glad to. however, i doubt it will help you very much. we are friendly to everyone here unless they attack us or the real teachings of the buddha. this is a fact. your main problem is that you are a coward, which again, is not our fault. not marks, not katie, not freds, (btw, haven't seen fred for a long time) not mine and not nichirens. easy to post on the net as anonymous, we have more than a few and generally it is just ignorant babble. helps no one and means nothing. chicken shit whining.

      real buddhism has been highjacked, so has islam(although a very inferior religion)....and christianity is on its way to being highjacked as well. the world is getting very ugly.

      you are correct in that there are no sects of buddhism that teach what the buddha and his emissary taught. not the sgi cult, not the n shoshu cult, not any of them. christianity has become more militant and they are not far behind the muslems. the world /our country reflects all of this. or, do you think everything is just fine?

      most so called nichiren buddhists are ignorant of the teachings. how about you? are you aware that the lotus sutra(myoho renge kyo) is the medicine for the ills that modern man faces? do you know that the buddha said that in the latter age people that uphold the correct law will be treated with hostility and hated? if you don't, then you should look into this matter so you can make correct judgements about what you see and what you experience. ok ?

      what this blog site is about is to try our best to follow and uphold what the eternal buddha taught for the sake of other people and the world and all the madness. what we recommend to all, including you, is chant namu myoho renge kyo as chanted by nichiren. study the teachings, meaning the lotus sutra and the legitimate writings of nichiren. not just study them but take faith in them and by doing so change ones individual neg karma and in a broader sense change the world from negative to positive. we don't care if you believe us but we suggest that you believe nichiren and the buddha. anonymous, before you forsake buddhism do yourself a favor. look seriously into nichirens experience and what he has to say about it. is it not strange for you or anyone else to chant a chant that nichiren brought, day in and day out without knowing what he taught and why he taught it? no it does not. however, this is the case with 98% of the people. rather than coming here and wasting your time , why don't we have a conversation about real buddhism. there is only two ways to go. you can slander the law of uphold it. today what we see in the world is the slander of it.

    2. anonymous.... katie and i were having a nice discussion about her picture and buddhism. you are the one that came here , to us, pitching ugly. so don't talk to me about how ugly it all is. truthfully, like many, you are dragging previous garbage with you from wherever you came from. lets start over and discuss the real teachings of buddhism. buddhism.

    3. My comment to Anonymous disappeared!!

      Seems weird that when we are introducing ourselves here- revealing who we are, we get slammed by someone who will not even identify himself/herself!

      "Matters of minor importance arise from good, but when it comes to a matter of great importance, great disaster without fail changes into great fortune."- Nichiren

      On inauguration eve-- heading off to work-- after offering prayers to Gohonzon with deep gratitude for Eagle Peak --

      Great points, Greg-- as always, I appreciate your straight forward approach!


    4. sorry we missed your comment katie. feel free to repeat it. anonymous should consider his function by using the clear mirror of the lotus sutra as nichiren recommends. also, cause and effect is not metered out judgmentally by some god or special consciousness . renge is the law according to the buddha, one reaps what one sows. the effect for causing one to abandon the lotus sutra........not good !

    5. Hi Dee [Anonymous]. I warned but never threatened you. Stop lying on the Buddha's blog or you will indeed experience loss.

  5. Hey, Anonymous! I caught the irony of you hiding your identity on a post where the opposite is being expressed --LOL-- The *photo gallery* serves as a means to give more credence to the discussions on this blog. Those I have referred here are appreciative of the openness and have been witness to unity based on the single mind of faith that develops here, as opposed to the superficial unity SGI/NST pretend to have that is basically a top down generated set of rules and regs that few are actually following ! That said, I also note it to be somewhat ironic that you visit this site to condemn it -- perhaps you are missing what I found here on my very first visit in March 2016-- the actual teachings of Nichiren that I recognized immediately as an indication that I was not the only one who believed and followed Nichiren.

    I don't see any of the *war* rhetoric here that was perhaps the natural result of the so-called *split*, which occurred at a time when very few members of either SGI or NST had a clear sense of the actual teachings of Nichiren. I saw this inside SGI and NST-- so, I can say that when I continued my independent practice even during the periods between being ex-communicated from SGI Boston, I accepted the resistance to the true teachings as beyond me to penetrate. What I learned during my first 4 months here-- studying the archives, is that the underpinnings of the divergence SGI/NST have committed is really quite simple. Since I have begun to understand the foundation for their errors, I actively engage everywhere and with everyone I can to point out the simple and basic errors that reversed the basic doctrine of the Three Treasures of Buddhism and caused millions to NEVER hear the essential practice chanted correctly. Namu-myoho-renge-kyo -- I cannot begin to describe the joy I expereinced when I finally encountered the True Essential teaching and began to chant correctly for the first time in 28 years !!

    I have personally witnessed astounding results from sharing the true teachings-- and have welcomed the hardships that accompanied my correct practice of faith. This, is what I had always known was exactly as Nichiren stated-- and it was Nichiren's writings that sustained my faith through the agonizing ordeals and the unsurpassed joy that always followed perseverance! This is still the case, but it is helpful to learn from the experiences Mark and Greg have had and all they share as it definitely validates my own experience.

    I have yet to read anything here from Mark, Greg, Shinkei or those who are basically supportive of their contributions that in any way appears to be harmful to anyone. So, I have to disagree with your assessment of them and find your cautionary remarks about my *hanging out with them* rather strange, in that I practice faith in Myoho-renge-kyo; I rely on Nichiren's teachings and the Threefold Lotus Sutra-- it has been a joyful experience to encounter others who practice with the single mind of faith and my hope is that the unity created here based on faith will exert even more positive influences for many who are doubting and questioning SGI/NST.I know from personal experience that this site is a tremendous benefit for those who are truly seeking the teachings of the Buddha.


  6. You are all a bunch of useless maniacs who are BANNED BANNED BANNED from all Nichiren Shoshu temples and rejected by all practicing Hokkeko members. You have no access to the Dai Gohonzon and have no access to the Gohonzons and Goshos of the Daishonin. A bunch of sappy armchair western experts claiming to be teachers but are nothing but Devilish functions. You are no better than SGI and their delusional money making leaders, or your Nichiren Shu tourist lovers who sell Gohonzons for a living. You have no part in the True and Orthodox Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism and you have no part in Kosen-Rufu of the Daishonin. President Ikeda will never accept you as his disciples, you have lost so much in this war on this Buddhism.... none of you are even completely satisfied with Independent Nichiren Buddhism. Sad sad very sad!

    1. You are a brainwashed puppet who can't discuss the teachings Dirham. Sorry for you.

  7. dirham.. you are banned from sucking mine and all your sick priests cocks. say hi to mike...kick him in the nuts for me. good luck in the avichi. ha ha , too bad you can't receive the blessings of the law.

  8. run and hide dirham regards to mike kuracoward. crawl back under your rock.

  9. Hard not to notice the insanity of Dirham's admonishing us with his punishment rhetoric that prohibits us from acceptance into the heretical sects we denounce!! I laugh whenever I read his harangues!!

    What does dirham think? Does he imagine we are wailing with anguish over not being permitted to run into highway traffic??

    I am so happy to know that the most slanderous of so-called Nichiren sects hates me !!


  10. indeed. no one should follow me; my message to dirham and others is to follow the eternal buddha and his emissary, nichiren. as is yours, marks and shinkei, as well as the hated fred mentioned by the slanderer anonymous, from five years ago. as is very clear to anyone that even vaguely studies the teachings....the lotus sutra and nichirens works, it is clear that dirham and his nichiren shoshu perverts don't know the teachings. unfortunately for them as well as the sgi, and anonymous, they cannot defend their hideous views. so their tactic's are to hit and run. guerrilla warfare. leave some stupid/nasty comment and run because they can't have even a simi-sane conversation about real buddhism. a sane person would naturally be ashamed. truly, those that cling to the shoshu/sgi have lost their true mind.

    for you and some others who may read eagle peak, please forgive some of my gutter replies. i would be more than happy to have a very polite discussion with any manifestation, but the sad truth is that many of the people who hit and run here, as you know, are not real buddhists and could careless what lotus sutra buddhism is about. their function is that of a devil and there is not a hint of sincere seeking of truth. this applies to dirham as well as noel. i admit i have no patients for their nonsense anymore. there is no doubt in the clear mirror of the lotus sutra that we are on the right side of the law. therefore, we can experience the joy of the law. i do believe our actions here do indeed have an effect on our world....much talk lately of chumps sick desire for self aggrandizement. much like ikeda. i too am grateful and happy they hate me too. what cowards people are. it is easy to post garbage under a phony and fictitious name. do they really believe anything at all? or do they just follow stupid. i think it is the latter. they are truly pitiful.

    this is not for you but for others. cheers katie.

  11. Good point , Greg, about the spotlight now shining on Trump's self aggrandizement.. also a great of fresh air to see him immediately exposed as a liar by the media !! Women's marches are awesome, too-- my daughter and grandkids marched in Boston yesterday- we are mounting our resistance. I agree our actions to propagate the correct teaching, refute the error and rebuke those who degrade Nichiren , Shakyamuni and the Lotus Sutra are reflected in the opposition we are finally seeing to the hostile take over of our country by a gang of narcissisitic thugs!


    1. ultimately it all is a reflection of our society and wrong thinking. if lying is sanctioned by the people/the media, we are in big trouble. was this the problem in nazi germany? i think it might have been. among other things. today, even just speaking truth to someone will cause hatred and jealousy with many. i used to think that it had to be direct shakubuku...but any harsh truth will illicit hatred. i had a interesting conversation with an old simi friend last night. her advice to me was , "hopefully, a higher power/god will step in and fix everything". my reply was a quote from nichiren about standing up for whats right and the effects for not doing so. now...she's pissed. in this world, if one is honest and speaks truth, there is a price to pay. i am sure that this is why nichiren says , "it is a lack of courage..."

      many of the speeches yesterday were very good. good for your girls. seems, to some degree, people are waking up a bit. men also. yeah ! i am a bit perverse but i loved madonna's.

      no doubt, all politicians lie...nothing new. today it is in your face rampant. how bazar is it that the chumpies cannot see chump or themselves, or his appointees? i had a great laugh listening to kellyann conartist give us a new reality ....."alternative facts". the interviewer couldn't help but laugh in her face. "you are laughing at me, wah, wah", was her reply. yes ...u r insane!

      chump, spicer, k conartist etc ....CLICK! turn em off! the only way chump can win against the press is either stop lying or, shut them up. since he is enactable of telling the truth , it only leaves the latter. he like nichiren except chump is the dark devil.

    2. katie.... one last point. chump claims to be so smart,,,really?

      real smart to piss off 60% of the women in this country ! any sane man gets really nervous if they have two women mad at them. it does help to have the buddha on your side....which chump does not.

  12. Next up: The Scientists' March on Washington!!

    I think our goal is to make it clear to the world that rejecting and resisting Trump has become America's number #1 priority. -- And who knows? Maybe if he continues to demonstrate how unstable and deluded he is, Ejecting Trump will be the goal that unites America-- at last!!

    Pissing off 60% of the women in our country was clearly not smart --Trump is exposed more by his lack of concern for the history-making Women's March on Washington, or rather being more upset that the protesters out numbered his doomsday speech audience on inauguration day , than he is aware of the significance of the larger group of pissed off women!!

    Ikeda , Nikken and Trump-- AKA Daisicko, Nikkenstein and Chump-- ringing in the Kalpa of Decrease--

    Ay yi yi !!


    1. nice katie. i was over on the gmw/masayasu sadanaga Facebook page. scolded some of the longtime members, and got my ass kicked by angry slanders/phony buddhists that don't know the teachings. as usual. i go there once in a while and drop a truth bomb on no far. may be the last time as they are hopeless. sgi/nst has contributed nothing to the well being of this world and yet the longtime members suck on each others tits for very sick.

      yep...regarding the demonstrations, it is the first time i have felt proud to be an american in a long time.

      as nichiren was ...we should act as the eyes of our nation and the world. each day it get more and more bazar. lots of men showing support for women....good deal. i am normally not overly political.....but all this we see feels more religious to me.

      Ay yi yi yi...conti no llodes... .

    2. Por que cantando se allegran cielito lindo los corazones --

      or words to that effect!!

      A BIG unity opportunity is at hand--

      P.S.-- Good for you dropping truth bombs--I am trying to keep dropping them on arbn-- Actually, it is so simply a matter of SGI/NST being "populist buddhist movements" that it does work in seamlessly with our very personal political responsibilities as followers of Nichiren!

      Hi ho!!
      ~Katie ;-)

    3. wonderful! crying with our beautiful(buddha) hearts.

      most of the long timers in the sgi have had enough and seen enough and have degenerated to fringe status. that is, if they are not staff. because they are ignorant of the teachings they cling for social nourishment . titty suckers.

      to me ...the height of stupidity is to chant the phrase that nichiren brought,over and over, and yet disregard what he taught! they have been bamboozled. this is what i tell them, but they don't care. pathetic. very difficult to have a worthwhile conversation with people who do not know the teachings and worse don't care. stupidity.

      i like to remind the long timers that the world is 1000 times worse than what it was since they began their tour with the slanderous sgi/nst forty or fifty years ago, also that it is a lack of courage that prevents one from attaining buddhahood even if they have encountered the L S over and over. that what we see in the world is not the lotus sutra being upheld, but deeply slandered. of course, they think they are making a difference..ha ha ha ha ha !