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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Heartfelt Brazil Soka Gakkai experience

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  1. the person sounds upside down which is what cults will do for u. this includes the trump cult. its great that blanche speaks out as anyone with a mind and heart should. personally, i appreciate what she does, however, like so many, she discards the baby with the bath water. the number must be huge. so many like blanche have discarded the wonderful medicine for the latter day...confusing it with the complete nonsense/slander of what the sgi/nst drool about in their non buddhist teachings and programs for the disobedient children of the latter age.

    like most members of the sgi/nst, the real study of what nichiren taught is highly lacking. most have never read a full gosho and my guess would be that the braziiian member(here) most likely has never studied nichiren either. bottom line is that it has never failed to amaze me, that someone would chant a phrase hour after hour, year after year, but easily disregard what the person(nichiren) taught about it. our world certainly reflects avarice, anger, and stupidity. anyway cheers to blanche for not being shy about speaking out about ikeda and the sgi !