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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Nichiren on the causes for sinking down into the evil realms of existence

"But the cause that impels them to leave life as a human being and to sink down into the evil realms is not always the same in all cases. Some do so because of their pity and fondness for their wives and children or their other household members*; some because of the grave karma they have created by killing living beings or committing other evil deeds; some because, having become rulers of a nation, they fail to heed or understand the afflictions of the populace; some because they do not distinguish between the correct doctrine and one that is erroneous; and some because they put their trust in evil teachers."

*Here Nichiren is referring to those who abandon the Lotus Sutra because of persecutions [our family members being killed for example] at the hands of such men as the Muslims, Hindus, and the Provisional Buddhists.

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