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Friday, May 26, 2017

"SGI would never try and control what we can and cannot read.," -- SGI YWD leader

"I just recieved an email forwarded by a fellow, good-hearted, member. What she sent me were two things: first was a poem Orlando Bloom gave to Ikeda Sensei when they met a couple of weeks ago & the other an unofficially translated article about Orlando's meeting with Sensei.

First off, I have an issue with things being circulated that are not officially translated by the SGI. Not that other people aren't intelligent enough to translate it correctly, but if it doesn't come directly from the SGI(-USA), I don't know who it originally came from, if it's been tampered with since its translation, etc. I hope that members understand that it's not that the SGI is trying to control what we can and cannot read, it's that they want us to have the cleanest, best translation of it. Honestly, there are people out there with grudges against the SGI or Sensei or specific members who could & would change things as they got forwarded & posted & forwarded.

Secondly, while Mr. Bloom is a world-famous actor, heart-throb, etc., etc.--doesn't he deserve some privacy? I'm sure he okayed the publishing of his poem & the report of his meeting with Sensei. But, as soon as I read that poem I thought about the times I have written to Sensei. I have written things to him that are so deep & close to my heart--things I'm not comfortable (yet) to say to others--to him. The thought of other people reading one of those letters feels almost someone reading my diary, you know? I know that the SGI members who are reading this are not trying to violate Orlando's privacy or anything like that. It's exciting (for me, too!) to tell my friends that Orlando is an SGI member. Just as I'm sure it was for my mother to say that Tina Turner is a member when she was my age (and so on).

I guess my thought is: where's the line for more famous members between their privacy & their ability to encourage a broader or different audience? Who draws that line? I think that the SGI does its best not to exploit these 'celebrity' members. I have never, ever seen differently. I just worry & hope that the members, as well, will do our best to do the same--to be aware & show compassion.


Omaha, Nebraska YWD

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