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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Nichiju on the Gohonzon

"This Great Mandala is the mandala that represents non-duality of subject and its surroundings; unity of the Buddha and the Dharma; oneness of all living beings and the Buddha; and the inter-possession of each of the Ten Realms. Therefore, since those who reverently listen to its name [Namu Myoho renge kyo] will eradicate the three persistent delusions (Kenji, Jinja and Mumyo)* in an instant, and those who reverently gaze upon it, even once, will attain Sambodhi (perfect Enlightenment); then this Great Mandala is a secret means of immediate enlightenment and a model of attaining Buddhahood in this very body. And, this sutra is the real Purpose for the advent of the Buddhas, and the direct way to Buddhahood for all living beings. Reading or reciting [this sutra] is the practice that is suitable for the organ of hearing, and these are the roots of goodness that have a connection with this [Saha] world. Copying** [this sutra] is the root of making the life of the teachings ever-abiding, and is the great goodness of committing them to memory or keeping them in mind." -- Nichiju

*( 1 ) kenji no waku (delusions of view and desire); (2) jinja no waku (delusions as innumerable as particles of dust and sand); and (3) mumyo no waku (delusions about the principle of the Middle Way or ultimate reality)

** In this modern period, "bestowing this Sutra".


  1. the lotus sutra...goodness in the beginning, goodness in the middle and goodness at the end !

    what does this say about the sgi, the shoshu, pay dirt and doorknob and many more in the saha world?

  2. We would do well follow the masters Nichiren and Nichiju.

    1. yep ! one else has a plan except just weakly merge with what we already have , plus has proven non sffective. in the latter day....stupidity runs rampant !